Fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, and loneliness are all feelings we’ve felt at some point in our lives, if we’re honest. We felt this based on opportunities we’ve had and failed at or opportunities we’ve had and imagined failing. Either way, we choose each of these feelings because they can’t be accessed or experienced without our permission. However, when a person chooses fear or worry, they’re literally choosing the two greatest enemies of happiness, healthy living, and internal healing. Why? Because these two undermine everything, including your self-esteem, self-worth, self-image, and self-confidence!

Our greatest assets are also our biggest liabilities, the thoughts held in our mind. We use our thoughts to build ourselves up or tear ourselves down, to heal our bodies or rapidly cause them to deteriorate, to prove that some people are great and honorable or they’re downright inhumane and unredeemable. At times, we allow negative doubt to creep in by questioning truth. If thirty people told us we look nice and one person said something about our weight and said we look like 10 miles of bad road, who are we going to listen to? Why? The truth is, that’s their opinion, and it’s not a fact. It’s interesting how we allow our imagination to be overtaken and easily stimulated by negativity rather than being occupied and appreciated by the thirty positive compliments we received. This natural focus on negativity actually causes us to magnify and empower FEAR so that it distracts or paralyzes us.

If we look at situations for what they are, most of the fears we imagine never manifest, and the few that do, turn out to have much less of an impact than what we originally anticipated. Fear and worry are the mental poisons we consume every time we imagine the worst, or at best, something less negative. Everyday people literally worry themselves sick and their mind produces physical evidence to further prove their beliefs. Careers and relationships are also things people kill because they imagine what hasn’t happened yet, they see conflicts that really aren’t there, and/or they assume somebody like them could never do… The reality is if there is still an opportunity, there is still time for an opportunity to be maximized! Based on past experience or programming, we’re conditioned to doubt and ask ourselves deadly “what if” questions. What and if are two words that aren’t harmful when they’re separate, but together they have the power to destroy marriages, kill careers, sabotage opportunities presented, and haunt you for the rest of your life.

A large number of people are limited by fears of humiliation, embarrassment, making mistakes, and being criticized by others. These fears must be addressed because they affect daily life and have negative implications on generations that come after. Go all the way back to the Garden of Eden, Eve knew the truth, but fear caused her to lie and eat the very thing that took away the great life she once lived. Sometimes we’re like Eve, knowing that we’re complete, equipped, and have what it takes, but we lie to ourselves through continuous questioning that feeds our doubts and paralyzes our actions to achieve! Has there ever been something you wanted to do, but you talked yourself out of it? How did that make you feel? The worst thing in life to live with is regret, because the price is too costly and you pay for it every time you think about it even years after the opportunity has passed!

The most effective way of addressing fear and worry is to attack it with MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE action! Action forces you to focus on the present task instead of the future fear. Action is the ultimate prescription to cure the disease of fear. Fear is a natural part of life and does possess certain benefits. However, it holds most people back from doing what they really want to do and experiencing the abundant life that they deeply desire. Very few experience true freedom in life, and those that do, have a self-image that’s extremely difficult to penetrate because the opinions of others are ineffective. As humans, none of us like to be criticized, but to go From Fear to Freedom, we must understand it’s a part of the achievement process and it’s needed to build our foundation to withstand negative pressures. To overcome negative pressure you must anticipate it and not be surprised or discouraged by it, and respond to it as an obstacle to overcome and not a defeat to be accepted! Always make your expectations greater than your temptations and remember, “The Battle is not lost unless you accept Defeat!”

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