Business promotion has email marketing as one of the hardcore tactics that deliver healthy results. In terms of other marketing tactics, email marketing delivers quality results that are beneficial to strengthen your business.

Fact: As of 2017, there are about 3.7 billion e-mail users in the world. Out of them, about 233 million are located in the US only.

There is an increase in the use of United States Business Database for email marketing. But with the increased use and wrong execution of this marketing strategy, the email marketing has drawn numerous negative outcomes that can make you think ahead of adding it to your branding strategies. So, is it really effective or it's going to be your worthless investment?

You can’t deny that most of the newsletters look really crape and hence it becomes one of the reasons why you hate this marketing technique. A standard design, with a similar motto, is what you will always find in most of the business emails. It’s important to make it unique and appealing for your clients/customers that compel them to click on the email for further inquiry.

Another reason why you take it as an ineffective strategy anymore is the misconception that only a small business can take it as a business promoter. On contrary to this, the small business owners have somewhat made it a worthless technique, using old fashioned template sent in bulk. To make it a success, it’s important to invest time and money. You can get the expected results when you hire a dedicated team to take care of your campaigns.

No proper filtration of emails is also the reason for the negative outcome of email marketing. When you have the fresh list of Companies in the USA you can stay assured of their active email presence. But when you purchase the emails in bulk, there is probability to have dead email accounts along with many active accounts which are nowhere related to your business. In such a scenario, half of your efforts are drained due to the wrong workout on the email list. That’s why you are suggested to create segments of your email list.

Neglecting mobile users is the biggest mistake that email marketers do even today. According to the statistics, 70% of the internet is used on a mobile device, hence your email campaign must also target mobile users and hence the entire email campaigns should be created keeping mobile users in mind. It’s obvious that targeting desktop users will deliver negligible results that will distract your attention towards other alternatives.

Fact: By the end of 2020, it is expected that the email users in the US will reach about 255 million.

So, if you still consider email marketing is a scrapped technique, you should focus more on the pitfalls instead of following the predefined parameters. Your smart use of USA business database and the right implementation of email campaigns can bring a big variation in your profit marking as well as brand popularity.

It’s time to use add this strategy to your future planning and make it effective with your experiments and innovations.

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