What if you are looking for a thriving investment? If you want a safe project and a safe country, welcome to Egypt, the safe country. A nation with skilled workers in all fields.

What are the benefits of investing in Egypt?

Egypt is one of the countries that offer the most advantages that no other country can offer, making it difficult to think of starting an investment in another country. However, the Egyptian market has the second-highest return on investment in the world, confirming its position as one of the most important investment destinations at the regional and international levels.

The Sustainable Development Strategy and Egypt Vision 2030 will make Egypt one of the top 30 countries in the world in terms of income, human development, anti-corruption, market competitiveness, and quality of life, which will lead to a successful investment climate and a generous life for individuals. By offering competitive prices for electricity, water, and natural gas, in addition to its abundant natural resources, the country can easily meet the needs of agricultural, industrial, and mining activities.

There are a lot of great opportunities in Egypt like the Projects in the New Capital

Talah New Capital Compound The City Valley New Capital

There are currently many national projects in the pipeline in Egypt, not only in Cairo but also throughout the country, where investments in small and medium-sized projects can be made anywhere. There is also a new wave of new cities such as the new administrative city of Hurghada, Ain Sukhna, the North Coast, the Fifth Settlement, and Mostaqbal City, offering the perfect opportunity to invest in real estate in Egypt.

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La Costa Real Estate experts say that the country has become a leader in several sectors requiring high levels of employee skills, including telecommunications, information technology, financial services, and tourism.

In addition, the current corporate tax rate in Egypt is 22.5%, which is low compared to other countries, whilst at the top of the tax authority; there is a well-trained department whose main objective is to facilitate transactions with investors, the taxpayers of the various companies, and to provide the best possible service as quickly as possible. While Egyptian law obliges the State to respect and enforce the contracts it enters into, it emphasizes that investments based on fraud, irregularities, or corruption do not enjoy any protection prepared for a fair and successful investment.

The economy of Egypt is considered to be one of the most diversified in the Middle East and North Africa region. It is stronger than ever, especially after achieving significant growth in several sectors. This has helped to ensure prosperity and longevity in all sectors. Therefore, they established a sovereign wealth fund to act as an investment pool; the Egyptian government is stimulating diversity and supporting sustainable economic and social development through a system that maximizes returns from the country's assets and wealth while encouraging private sector participation.

Today, our experts at La Costa Real Estate work into the Egyptian government’s vision to establish an integrated information system for national planning, tracking, and evaluation. This system will enable us to achieve several outcomes, including tracking the detailed performance of national projects and assets, improving the efficiency of planning decisions, increasing the efficiency of public spending, maximizing the added value of the use of state land, accelerating real estate registration projects and establishing an information base to improve Egypt's performance on business It is also possible to Ease of doing business.

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