Is divorce the only option? By clairvoyant, tarot reader Rosemary Price leading psychic.

Many of us will look at the marriage of a family member or friend where they are struggling with enormous problems such as violence, gambling, drinking, cheating and abuse and assume that the only way forward is for the other to separate and then divorce, but is this really the best option?

We might hear all about how bad the marriage is but who tells us this? Can we trust what they say? I had a client recently who complained that her husband had thrown her out and refused to take her back but left out that she had cheated on him with six different men and only wanted to stay with her husband because they lived in a nice big house and she would have a much lower standard of living otherwise. She did not miss or love her husband, he was just a convenience.

Whether you are just dating, seeing each other seriously, living together or married there are always different sides to each story and different options. I specialise in relationship issues.

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Rosemary Price 40 years of helping people with psychic readings and relationship help.