Since we know that it is important to reference a website so that it is visible on the first page of the search engines, directory submission remains a widely used technique. But, it has always aroused great debate among SEO masters.

Google's algorithms are constantly developing. During these evolutions, some techniques, systems, and methods seem not to be well seen by the search engine. Is the directory submission part of it? Is this technique still effective today?

If you choose an authority traffic site for directory submission then it always works in SEO like Knack Media share the recover drug rehab directory list. All of the sites on the list are authoritative and they have lots of traffics.

Let's go around the subject.

What directories bring for SEO

Remember that directories play 2 roles for your reference:

-Free sources (in most cases) of backlinks. They allow you to create inbound links to your site. The only downside is that what Google wants are quality links. And directories are unable to provide them.

- Contribute to your local SEO if your goal is to expand your activities in a well-defined geographical area. Besides, the submission to the directories is very determined to ensure optimal productivity for the local referencing.

The realities of SEO with directories

But let's face the reality,

- As already mentioned above, directories are not the best sources to provide you with quality backlinks. First, because it is rare to know directories that have high PR. Secondly, because the outbound links of directories are swarming like ants. However, the more numerous, the more the "link juice" emitted from a site is very low.

- The techniques that create traffic for your site are growing. SMO or Social Media Optimization has become very trendy right now. All SEOs are already moving towards these techniques instead of spending time submitting their site to directories that rarely respond.

Is this technique so close to disappearing?

The direct answer to this question is No. The directory submission still has something to contribute to SEO, as tiny as it is and it is not the experts who will deny it.

But in order not to waste time and to avoid the penalization of the search engines, there are some conditions to respect for the submission. Here they are :


What is important is not to register the site in a hundred directories at the same time. The pattern is always the watchword when it comes to SEO. Also, about twenty directories of high quality are enough to provide you with some results.


This is very important. Search engines are happy to see that your backlinks come from a site that deals with the same theme as yours.


As much as Google, directories do not like plagiarism. Avoid submitting a single description of your site in 2 different directories.


The PR or Page Rank is an index that allows Google to know the level of popularity of a site. Plus your directory has a high PR, plus, you will have a chance to have quality backlinks.


It's better to spend some time on manual submissions than to use automated submissions that may trigger Google's suspicions.


Finally, you must diversify your links, do not always use the same expression for the anchor of the link. You can also link to an important page of your site (for example a category page of your shop).

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Does Directory Submission For SEO Still Work? Yes, it does, but only when done right. Online directories, if you remember right, literally worked like Yellow Pages of the Internet that helped people a lot in their daily searches.