Creatinine is a by-product of a very necessary form of protein, creatine. It is a waste product that is filtered out by the kidneys from the blood. But when the kidneys fall ill and become incapable of filtering out toxins; as a result, wastes like creatinine start accumulating in the blood as well as the body. With the increase in creatinine, there may appear several health disorders. So, the condition should be treated immediately before it develops to its advanced level. Creatinine treatment in Ayurveda is the most promising treatment for curing the condition efficiently.

Creatinine is a form of chemical waste product that gets generated when the body muscles are used. It is a by-product of the substance creatine- an important type of protein for the body. Creatinine is found in the bloodstream that is filtered out from the blood by the kidneys. When the body gets any kidney disease, the level of this waste product rises. Consequently, several health complications can be visible in this point of health disorder.

In the condition of high creatinine level, the symptoms may arise are as follow:

• Nausea & Vomiting
• Fatigue
• Fluctuation in the urine volume (sometimes it goes down and up)
• High blood pressure
• Pain in chest
• Muscle cramps
• Weakness

These are the signs that generally appear in the condition of kidney disease. If you get to notice any of the above symptoms, you should consult a physician who will prescribe you to take the best treatment in order to get relieved from the disease.

When it comes to the causes of high creatinine, several factors are responsible for raising your creatinine level. The most common causes that increase your creatinine level are listed below:

• Chronic kidney disease- It is a severe health condition in which the kidneys lose their functioning property easily. And the kidneys stop removing wastes and toxins from the body, as a result, along with other toxic substances; the level of creatinine also increases.
• Kidney obstruction: An obstruction in the kidney affects the kidney functionality that causes creatinine to get raised.
• Dehydration- With persistent dehydration, the kidneys become too weak to carry out their functions efficiently. It is another cause of increased creatinine level.
• Over-consumption of protein- When protein is taken in excess amount, the body makes use of the required amount of protein and the rest of the protein gets turned into the waste, creatinine.
• Strenuous exercise- When a person follows a heavy workout routine, he uses most of the muscles. With the muscle movement, the level of creatinine also goes high.
• Some medications- Consuming over-the-counter medications like pain killers may affect the functions of the kidneys. It can also increase the level of creatinine in the bloodstream.

These are the major factors that significantly increase the creatinine. So, in order to lower the high creatinine, you should get rid of these health disorders. In order to treat these factors, one should go for the best treatment option. Creatinine treatment in Ayurveda is the best treatment for eliminating the causes as well as the condition high creatinine level.

How beneficial Creatinine treatment in Ayurveda is?

In order to reduce the high creatinine, allopathic treatment may be useful but not for the long run. Since high creatinine is the result of any kind of kidney disease that affects kidney functionality. So, allopathy only suppresses the symptoms of the disease and do not cure the disease of its root causes. In a nutshell, you can say it is not a permanent treatment for lowering increased creatinine level. On the other hand, we have another treatment system- Ayurveda that is far better as compared to allopathy.

Ayurveda is a complete medicinal science that aims to cure the root causes of the disease in order to cure it permanently. Ayurveda uses sacred herbs in the form of medications that are very effective in curing different health disorders.

Apart from medications, Ayurvedic treatment also advises a patient to follow a balanced diet and exercises. Ayurveda endeavors to improve the entire routine of a patient because of which he has got the disease. By doing so Ayurveda not only treats a kidney disease but also ensures that the person won’t get the same disease back again in the future. That’s why Ayurvedic treatment is the most promising treatment for curing all sorts of kidney disorders. Ayurveda uses the same working mechanism in order to lower the high creatinine level.
Creatinine treatment in Ayurveda has been proved to be the most effective treatment in order to treat the condition by working on the root causes of high creatinine.

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