Have you ever wondered what is the missing piece to having what you want in your life?

I know for me, I used to make the same new years resolutions over and over again each year. I would believe it was possible to create the change I wanted in my life and I would take action. The A and The B of success. But I lacked the third critical element.

When I finally gave in to the fact (Yes you must surrender) that the only way I would ever have what I wanted was to be Consistent. Everything began to change for me.

I discovered that even though consistency was the most difficult element of success, it was also the element that made my life easier! Once I began getting up earlier every day so I could focus on my goals, guess what happened? My goals began to be achieved more consistently. My life got easier by doing the hard part!

Your life can get easier too if you just learn to be more consistent in your actions. When you actions and your consistency meet, that's when you get what you want.

How have you been lacking consistency? Are you not eating the foods you need to eat? Have you been consistently eating to much food and consistently not moving enough? Have you been sleeping in instead of waking up to get things done? Have you been not communicating with the people in your life and this is causing unspoken tension?

Identify what you need to be doing more consistently and then DO IT! Once you are more consistent, your life will get easier!

Tell me what you lack consistency with in the comments section below...

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Author's Bio: 

Tom Anderson is a success coach, specializing in the field of human potential and peak performance. He is the creator of The LifeTrax Success System.