Open source CMS development allows business and websites to easily monitor, store and publish a wide variety of multiple content types. Content management system, if used along with cloud computing technique, can come out to be the best option for any IT business enterprise. Also, cloud computing is the buzz word in the tech industry and open source web technologies when combined with cloud computing gets you the best results.

Does open source CMS model lead to major success in business?

Today, most of the websites are designed with SEO friendly elements and they are easy to update. The website should be designed in such a way that it should be able to grow with your business and should be scalable as per your online strategy change. There are various technology platforms that may allow you to have exactly what you want. Open source software costs nothing, while proprietary software costs a lot of money in licensing fees. Which one will you prefer –Open Source or Proprietary?

Nowadays, a lot of innovative software platforms are being developed by the firms that aren’t typically in the business of software sales, which simply means that most of software in the market is open source that anyone can use. To understand the reasons behind the popularity of open source software, let us consider one such open source platform: WordPress.

WordPress, with an ease of flexibility and use, has earned a world wide appreciation. Any business aspirant, who wishes to have an innovative and fresh websites, can easily make use of this open source platform. And they really are using this platform for CMS development to increase their business’ popularity. Moreover, it’s an open source platform with Cloud support which means that developers can:

  1. Customize it to solve business problems
  2. Scale the CMS to grow with organization
  3. Easily update the software and remove bugs, solve security issues and implement enhancements
  4. Build custom functionality for website with unique features

Many of these features can be found in proprietary source, but they would cost a lot. A strong web presence is imperative for making your business profitable and most businesses spend quite a bit of time tweaking and enhancing their websites. With open source CMS you can achieve this in less time, spending less money. So, businesses that need quality and scalable solutions on budget always go for open source!

Open Source and Cloud Computing
At the enterprise level it is always required to have the more security and flexibility for website customization, as it is responsible for their online reputation. And with cloud-based CMS services this can easily be obtained. The cloud-based CMS is great tool for business enterprises because:

  1. With cloud, it becomes very easy to get the updates for your website. This is an automatic process, which instantly updates your CMS. So, there is no need for hiring any IT personnel
  2. Maintaining the server and data is minimized. So, in the long run, you can save money
  3. You can access the data from any location as it is stored on the Cloud

For any mid or large sized company, moving their entire content (CMS) to the cloud allows them to do more with their data than they could do otherwise. It helps in increasing productivity and maintaining a competitive edge. WordPress, and similar cloud-based open source solutions enable businesses to manage the data in a better way and to do more with the website.

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