Of course, On-premise suits you better. That's what we use. However, as cloud telephony shift every year at 27 percent, you have started wondering if it might be right for you too. Perhaps you are the kind of company for which the right answer is cloud telepathy.

cloud telephony

What businesses are opting for a cloud telephony system and why?

•Organizations with offices spanning multiple locations and/or having a remote workforce.

The development of an on-premise phone system may be a challenge for organizations, whose staff are dispersed in different locations. Protection, implementation — it has a logistic nightmare in its entirety.

Join the cloud, with an internet connexion and the right passwords, and you can access data anywhere in the world without thinking about protection-it is a burden for your company, not on your own. The possibilities are infinite with a cloud system. From every corner of the planet, your people will talk to their customers. People around the globe will get on the same call. A single click will happen magic.

•Companies on the rise looking to sustainably scale their communications.

As the leader of an organization, the last thing you can think about is to scale your IT team and your customer base to keep your phone system in place. Not if cloud telephony can be a much more effective, economical option, with rich features such as the Auto Receptionist, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, etc. Your best bet is to the cloud for every call counts.

•Businesses need more interactive forms of communication and ways to share media and content.

Maintaining your call center in time might sound like a lot of upstream swimming. Particularly now that a telephone call is not the best way to solve things quickly — features such as video conferencing , virtual meeting rooms and working resources such as to monitor, file, media, and the information exchanged quickly became the modal role of conventional telephone systems that are not easily accommodated. All this can be done for you in a cloud service, and the best part is that you do not need to raise your finger to do it.

•Companies with limited budgets looking for more bang for the buck.

If your expenditures are limited, expenditure is not a priceless choice. However, being on a budget does not have to mean less. All that a machine can do for a fraction of the cost on the premises and much more? In addition to being much smaller, simpler, and more mobile, cloud telephony can do just that. Of course, most cloud telephony systems will charge on a monthly basis; but, the total maintenance costs of a local system are much better than one-time funds – this is not all once.

•Organizations that want to focus more on their core business rather than auxiliary functions.

The IT department of an organization, which can be moved to the verge of implosion, is solely responsible for any on-site device. It can handle them too much and they can do nothing. The most important decision is not necessarily to recruit and broaden the team to work on a role that isn't their primary business. If you shift your core into the cloud, IT will unwind a little. And they can easily concentrate their attention on your business' core feature. All over, it's winners.

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