Is Cervicitis a Spread Disease of Sex?

A great deal of people think cervicitis is venereal disease, and some support the opposite view. So is it true you aren't? Let’s first appreciate how cervicitis it causes, and perhaps we’ll acquire the answer.

How does cervicitis cause? The main points are as follows:

1. Mechanical stimulation or injury. Infection secondary to cervical laceration a result of childbirth or miscarriage is a very common reason behind cervicitis. Having excessive sex can also increase the likelihood of leading cervical infection.

2. Physical and chemical stimulation. Using a high concentration of acid or alkaline means to fix rinse the vagina, or putting corrosive drugs in vagina, which all can destroy the vagina, cervical tissue, even cause cervicitis, vaginitis.

3. Vaginal foreign bodies. How does cervicitis cause? It is easy to become infected and cause cervicitis each time a gauze, cotton swab or any other foreign body they fit within the vagina for too much time.

4. Unclean or premature sex. Many women get cervicitis as a result of dirty sex and early sex, which could also bring about inflammation, then cause cervicitis.

5. Infecting cervicitis bacteria. The bacteria that induce a woman to contract cervicitis with streptococcus, staphylococcus, escherichia coli and also other bacteria. If these bacteria infection causes purulent inflammation, it is possible to cause cervicitis ladies.

6. Drug abuse. Many women have the habit of taking antibiotics and utilizing lotions regularly, that may disrupt the check of bacteria by the body processes, disrupt the endocrine balance, and possibly cause infection and inflammation in females.

As everyone knows, sex disease is a sexually transmitted disease, which is mainly transmitted through unclean sexual life also it is one of the infectious degree, while cervicitis is a disease with the female cervix and due to infection a result of many factors. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, so it will be not an infectious disease. We do not should be worry and fear, we could use herbal medicine to defense and treatment.

Herbal medicine believes that this the signs of cervicitis reflected the damp heat and symptoms are on the volume, the color of yellow and white or purulent, or with blood. Pain during intercourse or vaginal bleeding after intercourse. The waist acid drop bilges, abdominal distension drops, or contains the urine frequency ache, itches of vagina, the mouth bitter pharynx is dry, the tongue red moss yellow greasy, as well as the pulse string slides.

However, the formula of herbal medicine fuyan pill contains the herbs of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening spleen and dampness, so as to achieve its anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification and detrending effect, which is suitable for treating cervicitis and other gynecological diseases. It can also get rid of the pathological changes of gynecological tissue, regulate menstruation, eliminate pain and so on, and have benefits to your body.

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