It is legal to use, buy and sell CBD under EU law (as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC ). However, it must be taken into account that there are certain ambiguities in the laws. It is legal to buy a CBD product in a store, but other forms of low-THC cannabis products may not be.

For example, the owner of a hemp products store is facing legal proceedings for selling dried hemp flowers in tea and is currently awaiting trial. Hemp is considered low in THC, but it is unclear whether or not consuming hemp in this form is prohibited. SO, You are in interested in buying CBD products for medical purpose make sure to cbd öl kaufen/ buy CBD oil and other products from legit CBD products store for getting good quality of it and better result of using CBD.

Medicinal cannabis in Germany

Germany introduced new legislation in 2017 , allowing the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes . Since then, it has become the largest market for medicinal cannabis in Europe.

Initially, the law only accepted applications from about 1,000 patients . By November 2018, this number had risen to 40,000. Thus, Germany's medical cannabis program is one of the strongest on the continent. Currently, about two-thirds of health insurance companies pay for patients who have been prescribed medical cannabis .

Until 2019, Germany relied solely on cannabis products imported from abroad to meet the needs of its patients. Therefore, there have been problems as the supply generally did not meet the demand. However, the situation will change as the country advances in the development of its national industry.

The first German medicinal cannabis harvest is expected to be ready by the end of 2020.

Scientists found that CBD oil can treat 10 conditions

Discoveries of scientists regarding the use of oil of CBD to treat 10 types of common ailments among the population.

Said research highlights the use of CBD, a molecule from cannabis, as a key factor in medical treatments that helps to cope with different pathologies, giving patients a better quality of life.

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a natural compound found in the resinous flower of marijuana, from which its pure form can be obtained as a treatment for the following conditions.

Reduces arthritis discomfort

The inflammation generated in patients with conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism produces great pain that decreases their quality of life, together with the wear and tear of the bones that causes immobility characteristic of this disease.

It is worth noting that this disease is autoimmune , that is, it has a pathological condition in which the immune system becomes the aggressor that attacks and destroys healthy body organs and tissues.

Pain generated in the patient can be treated with cannabis because the nerves responsible for transporting pain signals from the joints to the brain are packed with cannabinoid receptors .

In this way, CBD acts with an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect , reducing swelling and relieving pain. Some studies even suggest that it slows down the progression of rheumatoid arthritis as it is a substance responsible for modulating the immune system.

The analgesic effect is very important for these patients, which is attributable to CBD which, unlike THC , does not provide psychoactive effects that are unpleasant for patients.

Shrink tumors

A study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology revealed that cannabidiol has anti- angiogenesis agents , which inhibit the creation of new blood channels necessary for tumor growth .

The cannabidiol slows proliferation and invasion of harmful cells in some cancers, such as breast, lung , or brain. At the same time, its antiemetic properties are used to fight nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy sessions .

Research from the Complutense University of Madrid compared the efficacy of pure THC isolates and THC-rich oil extracts in a series of preclinical experiments that focused on breast cancer.

Decreases epilepsy attacks

It should be noted that cannabis provides some relief from annoying epileptic seizures, since CBD has anticonvulsant properties and therefore the patient has a lower risk of irreversible brain damage.

In this sense, it is worth remembering the case of the American girl Charlotte Figi , who gives her name to one of the strains of marijuana richest in CBD: Charlotte's Web. This little girl suffered an average of up to 300 epileptic seizures per week. After using cannabis, she managed to reduce them by 99%.

Treats symptoms of multiple sclerosis

As in rheumatic diseases, inflammation is the main enemy of patients with multiple sclerosis , but this time it is assumed to be neuronal in nature.

Against this background, various medical investigations resulted in Sativex , the only cannabis-based drug in the world.

The use of CBD in these patients helps to treat neurological symptoms , including loss of motor control, muscle weakness, spasms, an unstable mood and fatigue.

Combat certain intestinal discomfort

Also, in the specific case of patients with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, medical research has shown that CBD is an effective way to reduce inflammatory processes in the intestine.

Research from the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine and the University of Bath showed that endocannabinoids could help control and prevent inflammatory bowel disease .

The researchers found that intestinal inflammation is regulated by two important processes that are constantly in flux and that respond to changing conditions in the intestinal environment.

Stops neuronal degeneration

As we mentioned before, in the case of Alzheimer's patients , Australian scientists claim that the use of this oil reduces the addition of beta-amyloid plaques, an indicator protein of the disease . In addition, phosphorylation, another biological indicator of this condition, decreases. This causes the degeneration of neurons leading to cell death.

Mitigates the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
This oil has been shown to have beneficial effects in the main neurodegenerative diseases that involve the basal ganglia and mitochondrial portions of the brain.

Symptoms are reduced because CBD releases neuroprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory qualities, and because cannabinoid receptors are associated with appetite, the sensation of pain, and mood.

Reduces depression and anxiety

A study published in 2016 in the journal Current Neuropharmacology showed that CBD stands out for being an efficient anxiolytic that allows to regulate mood and avoid depressive phases. Its consumption produces a feeling of relaxation and mental well-being in the patient, which helps with episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. .

Meanwhile, other research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders indicated that cannabis significantly reduced rates of depression, anxiety and stress. The researchers gathered data from the Strainprint app to examine the effects of certain strains on depression, anxiety, and stress.

The data showed that cannabis users perceived a 50% reduction in depression and a 58% reduction in anxiety and stress after using cannabis. These data were later associated more with changes in depression scores.

Calms the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia

In the case of patients with schizophrenia , the use of cannabis helps to keep their symptoms under control, when the rest of the medicines to treat the attacks have not been adequate.

According to the aforementioned article, cannabis use helps treat perception, cognition, ego functions, will, affectivity, motivation, and even psychomotor function .

For its part, the endocannabinoid system regulates emotions, sleep, the reward system and aversive memory, while CBD has a positive effect on metabolic, anti-inflammatory and stress-related components.

Fight acne

An analysis conducted in 2018 by the Skin Therapy Letter found that CBD oil has a strong anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effect, making it beneficial for various types of inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne.

Due to its sebostatic effect together with the anti-inflammatory, it helps to keep the skin clean , since it reduces the formation of sebum on the skin and prevents the appearance of new outbreaks.

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