You will have probably noticed all the recent research and media chat about the positive effects that certain cannabis strains can offer suffers of depression. It is thought that strains that contain high concentrations of the terpene limonene are the best for lifting mood in depression sufferers. But, what strains contain this terpene? We thought we would investigate this further.
Our Top Tip – You can generally identify a strain that is high in Limonene just by smelling the produce, as you will notice a citrus like smell that the strain has if it contains this terpene.
What Strains Would We Recommend?

Jack Herer

First off, we would recommend Jack Herer. This strain is a sativa that is known widely for its mood uplifting qualities. Many people feel a lot more inspired and happy about life when they use this strain, and some report sparks in motivation and creativity. In terms of the chemical makeup of the strain, it has a high concentration of Limonene and Pinene, which are central to the success of boosting your focus and mood.

Pineapple Express

Next up, we have Pineapple Express. Users have reported that this strain propels you into a state of happiness, which can last for many hours. Energy levels are known to increase aswell, which is especially encouraging.

The Harlequin strain is characterized by a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. We would recommend that you build up a tolerance to THC before using this strain. In saying that, many users have reported that their mood was uplifted immediately on using this strain and helped with relieving chronic pain associated with their depression. Users found that they could maintain a clear head with this strain, allowing them to focus during the day. The CBD that Harlequin possesses can fight back against the THC, which can increase feelings of anxiety in some depression sufferers. This strain is not for everyone, so be prepared to experiment.
Strains Which Fight Against Fatigue While Lifting Mood

Not many strains are able to do this, but here is our recommended strain.


This strain is characterized by a high CBD concentration, which transfers you to a remarkable state of bliss within minutes of first using the strain. Users have reported feeling clear headed and free of fatigue, with the uplift in mood, so this may be a good strain to try.
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