In the last decade, the demand for cryptocurrencies has grown significantly. Cryptocurrencies are now accepted in shops, cafes, restaurants, and online stores.

In the last decade, the demand for cryptocurrencies has grown significantly. Cryptocurrencies are now accepted in shops, cafes, restaurants, and online stores. Accordingly, many gambling platforms began to accept payments with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. So, let's figure out which payment method is safer for online gambling: crypto or credit cards.


A credit card is a payment system that allows the cardholder to pay for goods and services based on an agreement to pay for these goods and services and other agreed fees. The most popular credit cards are Visa and MasterCard.

crypto coins

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is fully automated and managed in a decentralized way. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether. 

Credit Cards Pros

Credit cards are widely used for online gambling. They allow making instant deposits. Therefore, you do not have to wait hours for enrollment of funds. It will take less than 5 minutes between depositing and playing. 

Another advantage of credit cards is their prevalence. Such titles as Visa and MasterCard are presented in almost all bookmaker companies. Thus, you will not need to look for another deposit method and familiarize yourself with unknown functionality.


Using a credit card cannot guarantee your safety as you disclose your personal information to the casino. It is very important to be confident in the security of the chosen casino. All user data must be protected by SSL encryption. This can be checked by the presence of a lock in the casino search bar, for example, at

Some types of credit cards are only available as a deposit method. However, you need to use a different card or bank transfer to withdraw funds. This is inconvenient and often requires additional fees. 

Pros of Crypto Gambling

One of the main advantages of gambling with cryptocurrencies is security. Your funds are kept in your personal wallet. Thus, they are protected from the risk of being frozen by banks. While depositing, you input funds anonymously. You do not need to divulge personal or banking information.

Fixed commission. Most cryptocurrencies have a flat fee, which is usually lower than the banking commission. Cryptocurrency transaction fees are independent of the amount and your location. You can transfer money to another continent, but the commission will remain unchanged.


Currency volatility. Every day, the rate of a particular cryptocurrency can change dramatically. You cannot influence or change it in any way. Try to track the fluctuations of different cryptocurrencies and invest wisely. In recent years, Bitcoin and Ethereum have become the most stable ones. You can use both of them for gambling at online casinos.

Not widely accepted. Cryptocurrency payment methods for online gambling are not widespread enough yet. It is difficult to find a reliable online casino that supports cryptocurrencies.


Both credit cards and cryptocurrencies have their advantages and disadvantages for online gambling. Cryptocurrency is a safer payment method as it doesn`t require entering personal data. However, credit cards are widely accepted. 

It’s up to you which payment method to choose. Choose a safe casino that provides both options and enjoy gambling!

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