Are you usually late or on time? Is being on time important? Do you know why you should be on time?

Whether you have a meeting, telephone conference, family visit, lunch, dinner or invitation, it is important that you be on time. What unites many successful people is their time management skills because they consider time as something precocious. Many people consider the individuals who are not punctual as not disciplined and responsible because they don‘t respect other people‘s time. Do you like to portray this image to people? Learn to respect your family’s time, friend’s time, work’s time, so you gain people’s respect.

A few months ago, I watched a program about the Japanese culture and how important being on time is for them. The program showed a traveler waiting for a store to open at 10:00. At 9:59 while he was waiting for the store to open, he asked one of the employees in the store, why doesn’t she open the door now as there is only one minute left to 10:00. She looked at him strangely and said, “We open at 10:00, so why open at 9:59?” Do you see how crucial time is in the Japanese culture? They give each minute what it deserves.

You might ask, why it is important that you be on time? Is it necessary?

Being on time has many benefits:

1. It shows that you are a disciplined individual and respect time.

2. It shows you can be relied on, and responsible.

3. It shows you are a good example to those around you.

4. It shows how you respect others by respecting their time.

Why be on time

To learn why you must be on time, follow the quick guide below:

1. To give yourself some time incase something happens accidentally.

2. Being on time gives you time to restore your thoughts and prepare yourself for the occasion.

3. You avoid making excuses for being late, which some people don’t like.

I’m late, what can I do
Accidents do and will happen from time to time and there maybe some circumstances that will prevent you from being punctual and on time. What you have to do in such situations is call immediately to apologize and explain why you are late. This allows the other person to rearrange his time and it will also make the other individual feel you respect his time.

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