I often hear people are talking about the universe, how the universe is assisting them or what universe is providing for them. I even saw many web pages with domain names such as “Note from the Universe”, or “You and the Universe” and so on… I am not against people’s relationship to the “Universe”. I even agree with the wisdom and influence of the, so called, Universe, but from the point of view of personal responsibility, just hanging out there waiting for “Universe” to do something for me is just not enough, nor is it realistic.

You might have detected a sense of sarcasm in my writing about the “Universe” and asking yourself; how can someone like me, who is an author and speaker in areas of personal development, enlightenment and transformation, not believe in the power of the “Universe”? How can someone who designs programs for participants to gain freedom and fulfillment in life, sound so sarcastic or in some degree, somewhat negative about a relationship to the universe? I would say, because I have a strong relationship to reality and actual existence of results. Because I have developed, many programs that would bring participants a vision of what they want in regards to the reality of results and actual achievements, personally and professionally. That being said, I am also a firm believer that inner belief, clear intention and optimism are essential to inner strength and any achievements.

Let’s look at Merriam-Webster dictionary to see what the definition of Universe is.
1- The whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated: as
A: A systematic whole held to arise by and persist through the direct intervention of divine power
B: The world of human experience
C: (1): The entire celestial cosmos
(2): Milky Way Galaxy
(3): An aggregate of stars comparable to the Milky Way galaxy
2- A distinct field or province of thought or reality that forms a closed system or self-inclusive and independent organization
3- Population
4- A set that contains all elements relevant to a particular discussion or problem
5- A great number or quantity

As you can see even the dictionary has covered both sides of the “Universe”. The actual side, such as celestial cosmos, (actual, dimensional, physical reality), and the other side, human experiences and even divine power (metaphysics, sense of purpose, enlightenment). I am for both sides together, not just one side, because neither sides can individually provide contentment and fulfillment, we need positive intentions and a strong belief of ourselves to company our desire to work and take appropriate actions. For us to achieve and produce the results we are striving for, we have to have both sides, one cannot be separated from other.

Just having some ideas and good intentions does not equal completion of anything. Look around and see if you can find half-baked ideas or half-done projects around you... get to work and get them complete. Then you don't have to carry them with you every day. Motivation alone is not enough to achieve anything either. You need direction and vision. You need your heart and soul to be on target, on what you are committed to achieve and to have, physically and well as experimentally.

Intentionality and sense of purpose are two of the most important elements of any accomplishments. What many call “Universe” is what I call “speaking to your vision”. To me, it is much more responsible to guide my thoughts, speaking, and actions through an empowering pathway, (as I call it my Life Vision), verses waiting for “Universe” to take some action that might or might not be benefiting me or forwarding my actions.

For the record, I am not saying having a powerful relationship to the so called “Universe” is unrealistic or nu-necessary. I am just saying, we can get MUCH more out of our lives if we connect our beliefs about the universe or the power of it, to series of empowering thoughts, intentional speaking and purposeful actions.

I also have heard this question from some people; do you truly believe by asking the “Universe” you can have, do or be anything you want?

I would say, Yes… but there is two very important elements to this outrageous but empowering statement, that we can have, do or be anything we want, and that is;

Before anything, first it has to start from “to be” verses “to do”. To just act without purpose and then “to do” verses just to wish, and then expect the results verses working for it and then “to have”, as achieving verses someone just to provide or to give it to you. “To be” committed verses entitled and just deserving without building it, to do what is necessary verses just work like a hamster on a wheel just moving. To have the essence of what you want, like security verses money, or love and partnership verses just a relationship so you are not alone. All the accomplishments that you celebrate today are the outcomes of disciplines and practices you practiced yesterday.

When we look at the world around us we can notice many people who talk about what they want to have, but they are not doing what is necessary to get there, and for sure they are not being committed to it either.

After that, we have our unrealistic expectations of what we want to have, or what we want to be, looks like! In my career, I have noticed that many people have what they claim they do not have. When they see their expectations and influences of their emotions and their experiences, they start seeing the reality of what they already have, or who they really are… and that is the beginning of contentment and fulfillment.

Possibilities are always out there in the conceptual world; they are good, they are empowering and energetic, but if they are not accompanied with a series of actions, practices and disciplines they just become nice talk. The world is full of good conversations with many possibilities, but actions and hard, committed work will bring those possibilities to reality.

In the end, let me leave you with this; the only days that exist on any calendar are Monday through Sunday. Stop scheduling yourself and your dreams for SOMEDAY!

Author's Bio: 

Behnam Bakhshandeh is a dynamic author, speaker and executive coach and trainer.
He has more than two decades of hands-on experience training and coaching teams and individuals. In his career, Behnam has personally worked with more than 50,000 participants. He is an accomplished business manager and business development professional, known for producing extraordinary results in record time. He is a passionate, visionary leader who produces results through focused teamwork.

You can contact Behnam at his office at 570-267-2406 or Behnam@PrimecoEducation.com or visit his website at www.PrimecoEducation.com