In some people’s eyes, it is someone’s formative years that will have had the biggest effect on what they are like. For others, someone’s DNA that will have had the biggest effect on how they turned out.

There are then those that believe that it is not one or the other, it is actually both. The DNA that they were born with and what their early years were like are then going to be what has defined what they are like as an adult.

Another Perspective

To others, there are going to be other factors that define what someone is like as an adult. For someone like this, what could also be seen as playing a part is what they went through in a past life.

It might be hard for the average person to accept, though, as it is generally believed that human beings only have one life. Reincarnation is not something that is widely accepted.

Far More Acceptable

Another viewpoint that some people have is that what someone is like as an adult is influenced by what their ancestors went through. Ancestral trauma is then going to be seen as something that has a big effect.

While past life trauma is not something that is likely to be found in the mainstream media, ancestral trauma is something that has been written about on a number of occasions. Thanks to this, more and more people are starting to accept that ancestral trauma is real, as opposed to something that only wacky people on the fringes of society accept.


One reason why someone would find about this, other than finding out about it in a paper, is that they may have only got so far by working through their childhood issues. Looking into why this was would then have caused them to change their outlook.

They will have come to see that what is holding them back is not something that they themselves went through, but what another family member went through. This could be a parent, grandparent or it could go back ever further.

Too Much To Handle

The reason why something has been passed down to them is probably because an ancestor was unable to process what they went though. It could have been something that was extremely traumatic or just something that they were unable to deal with.

Either way, this pain would have been passed down, along with other pieces of information. So if one has always felt sad or experienced a lot of fear and they can’t see how any of this connects to what they have been through in this life, finding out about ancestral trauma will shed light on what is going on.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways for someone to heal ancestral trauma. One technique that can be used is something called family constellation therapy.

Another way that this can take place is for someone to develop a certain amount of presence and to be able to hold space for themselves. This will allow them to go back in time and to feel and acknowledge what their ancestors were unable to resolve.

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