The Short Answer

The Truths of Age Reversal
"In order to survive as a physical being,
you must master the physical universe.
In order to master the physical universe,
you must know its truths.
Without truths, life can hold no absolutes."

I know what you're thinking: "Isn't aging inevitable?"

The answer is "Yes and no." While evolution and change are surely evident phenomena in the universe, the forms that these changes take are not inevitable. When it comes to what we refer to as agin, bone loss is not inevitable. Memory deterioration is not inevitable. Loss of vitality and cognition are not inevitable. They are commonplace, but they need not be inevitable. They are accepted, but they are neither inevitable nor normal.

Here, therefore, is one of several truths and concepts that will help you understand and believe in the reality of age reversal.

1. Opposites are nothing more than extremes of the same thing.
If you understand this simple, yet profound concept, then your world can change.

Think about this image.

Darkness<---------------------------------------- >Light

These extremes are opposites. Right? However, they are nothing more than opposite ends of the same "thing." You get to darkness by reducing the light. Darkness is nothing more than the progressive reduction of light. Similarly, take any concept of opposites (black & white, up & down, rich & poor) and you can see that they are really two points on a line. That line is what I mean when I say "the same 'thing.'"

Scarcity<---------------------------------------- >Abundance

acid<---------------------------------------- >alkaline

apathy<---------------------------------------- >enthusiasm

low vibration<---------------------------------------- >high vibration

Similarly, disease and health are two extremes of the same "thing." You get to disease by taking progressive steps away from health.

disease<---------------------------------------- >health

What this means is quite profound. It means everything is a process, a trend. It means every state of being on that trend is part of a gradual progression and sequence. It means there is a definable path from one point to the next. I can change poor into rich by doing specific things that move me in the direction of richness. I can change down to up by moving in the direction of up.

Now, here's where it gets a little challenging for most people, but the law holds true just the same. I can move from the conditions that are associated with "aging" towards the conditions associate with "youth" by doing certain things, by stopping and reversing the beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, habits and practices that have contributed to this thing called "aging."

Remember, while the increase in your collection of years is inevitable, the conditions associated with that collection of years doesn't have to be. Yes, this means that everything is reversible.

Let me explain further.

In this universe, there is no such thing as something staying the same. The universe, as well as everything within, is either contracting or expanding. Does this make sense? Here on this physical plane, therefore, as a physical being you too are contracting or expanding-- either surviving or succumbing. In order to be ageless you must first be surviving. You must stop the trend of succumbing, then survive, prosper and then you can reverse the trend.

Every prior state/condition or point on a trend exists as an achievable state of being. This is true because of what we learned about health. Health is simply a function of accumulation and depletion--something inside the body that shouldn't be there, and/or something that should be that isn't.

"Therefore, if you are on the right side closer to "health" and if you find yourself moving to the left and feeling out of balance today because of something you ate, you can return to yesterday's condition by allowing that thing to flow out. If you feel out of balance today because of something that is depleted, you can return to yesterday's condition by replenishing that thing.

"The fact that people heal, that people's cancers can go into remission; that people can test positive for something today and negative tomorrow; that people can cure incurable diseases, means that prior states of health are always accessible. Does this make sense?"

Now let's continue the line of thought. If sickness can be transmuted into health, then it stands to reason that age can be transmuted into youth. Why? Because age is simply another word we use to define a condition of the body. And just like any other condition that we experience, it is the result of something inside that needs to flow out, or something outside that needs to flow in.

"And we learned earlier that any condition you find yourself in is just a point on a path. Youth and agelessness, therefore, as points on the path on the opposite side of age and demise, are also merely states of the body and mind due to something lost or something added.

"Agelessness, therefore--yesterday's you--like any other bodily condition, is the predictable and achievable result of doing things that replenish or release. "Fortunately, we know practically all the elements which make up the human body which can be depleted from one day to the next, and we can replenish those through our food."

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