Acne majorly occurs or results from the clogging of the pores of the skin. The effects of skin pores clogging are mainly on the face. Also, the neck and the chest may be affected. Sometimes, they even occur on the neck. Heredity and testosterone levels in the body are involved in the appearance and development of acne in individuals.

Clogging of the pores involves the trapping of oil in the inside of the skin. Consequently, there is bacteria growth, and thus inflammatory effects occur, causing acne. However, sometimes acne is small-sized and cannot be noticed on the skin. On the other hand, some people may suffer larger and more evident acne. Those with larger ones may suffer skin pain, irritation and sometimes dryness. Apparently, acne breakouts and development leads to unhealthy skin. Sometimes, skin dullness may occur.

Skin imbalance may increase itchiness and skin irritation. When this is the case, there are greater chances of breakouts. Simply, acne is a disease that is easily treatable. Continued treatment is necessary for skin healing.

Prevent worsening of Acne

Too much use of chemicals for skin beauty may worsen the situation or condition. The chemicals can cause irritation and cause skin that is flakier. For this reason avoiding the use or trying of too many skin products is harmful. Too much skin scrubbing does harm to the skin. It worsens the acne and the pimples on the skin. Unfortunately, most people think that it is beneficial. Also, popping pimples is harmful. It leads to spreading of acne and pimples breakouts. Consequently, it can result in bacteria entry into the skin.

How to Treat Acne

Notably, there are various options that are essential for use in skin treatment. It is vital for treatment to be continued until the skin gets back to normal. According to reviews, dermatologists prefer the use of a prescription even after the acne is unnoticeable. Ongoing skin and acne treatment is effective if it is constant and done as per prescribed.

2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide

Since in the 1930s, this has been effective in acne treatment. However, some improvements have been made in the composition of the remedy. The medication is better than some other remedies. For one, it helps in delivering of the oxygen gas to the skin. Secondly, it has the ability to penetrate easily and quickly into the skin. The oxygen delivery to the skin is for the purpose of bacteria elimination in the skin. Apparently, bacteria die or are destroyed in oxygen presence. In the same way, the bacteria that cause acne is destroyed by the oxygen contain remedy.

For effective results, generous doses comprising of remedy application on the skin are necessary. Also, the remedy needs to be regularly used. However, use as prescribed. The use of the remedy or treatment aids in the suppressing acne and its effects. Gradually, acne completely subsides. It helps individuals get back a smooth and healthy looking skin.

Accutane (isotretinoin)

Sometimes, acne tends to be severe and with scarring effects on the skin. Treatment for acne at this point needs the use of this remedy. The treatment is oral and is effective in the treatment of large and severe acne on the skin. However, it may come with a number or range of side effects. Before the use of the treatment or remedy for acne, see the physician first.

Topical antibiotics

These antibiotics help in the reduction of the inflammatory effects on the skin. Treatment for acne scars becomes easier and quicker. These antibiotics come in different types. They work in the reduction of the level of bacteria on the skin and in the skin pores. Usually, they work effectively in eliminating or reducing acne that is inflamed. However, it may be incapable of treating the whiteheads as well as the blackheads. It is better to use the remedy with other remedies. In fact, use of this remedy without the inclusion of any other treatment may make treatment less effective in acne elimination and treatment. Get a prescription and remember to use per instructions.

Azelaic acid

The remedy is effective in the unplugging of blocked or clogged skin pores. Therefore, it eliminates both the whiteheads and the blackheads. Inflammatory effects reduction on the skin is another role of the remedy. An advantage of the remedy is that it does not result in skin irritation.


Mostly, most of the remedies are combined for effective acne treatment. One remedy is less likely to give results easily and quickly. A combination can work better. However, only use combinations as per dermatologists or doctor’s instructions and guidance.


Acne condition or disease is easy to treat. Also, there are ways of reducing worsening of the condition. Notably acne leads to skin dryness, roughness and dullness. It is vital that those with initiate acne treatment of the skin to restore skin smoothness and beauty. Using prescriptions as instructed is essential in ensuring effective healing of acne.


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