The prostate gland is a small organ but plays an important role in man's body. As men get older, the prostate begins to age first. So diseases related to prostate often occur in middle-aged and the elderly. In particular, prostatitis is the most common disease in men.

Prostatitis can affect man's sexual function and cause a lot of urination problems, making them miserable. In general, prostatitis is classified into chronic and acute types. Chronic prostatitis is often caused by having too much sex in daily life. And patients with chronic prostatitis are often recommended to control their sex life. So is abstinence necessary for men to improve their prostatitis?

Doctors point out that patients with prostatitis should neither indulge in sex nor abstain from sex. What they should do is to control their sex life to a state of balance. Having too much sex can make the prostate gland excessively congested, which is not good for treating prostatitis. Moderate sexual life can promote the secretion of prostatic fluid, which is beneficial to the recovery of prostate and the metabolism of prostate tissues.

You can look on the prostate gland as a river, and if the river is out of circulation, the stagnant water in the river will be particularly prone to becoming more smelly due to bacterial contamination. As for your prostate gland, you need to excrete inflammatory cells and pathogenic bacteria through regular sex, which is helpful for your recovery.

If a man has prostatitis, but there is no obvious symptom, he can have a normal sex life. However, if he abstains from sex due to the occurrence of prostatitis, it may make the disease worse. Physiologically, when a man has a sexual desire, the pelvic congestion will occur, which can be relieved by a proper sexual intercourse. That also means the abstinence is a wrong step you shouldn't take. It will make your pelvic congestion longer, which is harmful for your prostate health.

Patients with acute prostatitis may experience discomfort and pain in the private parts and they may have decreased sexual function. So couples are not recommended to have sex when acute prostatitis is breaking out. Otherwise, pain and discomfort may aggravate, and the bacteria in the prostatic fluid may be passed on to the women during sex, causing damage to both men and women. Only when the symptoms have gone away can they enjoy their sex life.

What you need to do is not abstinence or avoid having sex, but to avoid sexual intercourse in inappropriate situations. A regular sex life is needed for patients with prostatitis. What's more, they should pay attention to their living habits. Avoiding drinking, smoking and eating spicy food can improve their conditions. They are encouraged to drink more water in the daily life, and don't hold back the urine at the same time.

Taking a bath can not only relieve muscle and eliminate fatigue, but also can relieve tension and discomfort in the prostate. Regular bathing is also a guarantee of a healthy and clean sex life. If patients with prostatitis can have a warm bath once a day, it will have a good effect on the treatment.

In final, patients should always keep a positive attitude towards their life. Paying too much attention to the problems related to sex may cause pressure on them. You should know that prostatitis is curable. Generally, appropriate antibiotics can be taken according to patient's condition.

Besides, herbal medicine Prostatitis produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is often chosen by many patients with chronic prostatitis. It has a good effect on clearing away harmful substances and relieve the pain in the male urogenital system. Sticking to taking the pill can effectively treat your prostatitis.

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