If you have a family, then it is advisable that you find a family medicine practitioner. There are many centers offering family medicine in Lutz, FL.

A family doctor is a physician who takes care of all your family’s primary medical needs. Unless you need to see a specialist, you will have all your ailments treated by your family doctor.

There are many advantages to having a family physician such as:

Constant Access

Your family doctor is on call 24/7 and you can call them whenever you have a medical situation. It can mean the difference between life and death in medical emergencies.

When you visit a hospital, you will probably see a new doctor every time you are sick. However, you can instantly access your family doctor which removes the revolving door of faces at the hospital.

If you cannot go to the hospital, your family doctor can come and see you. It may cost you but having a doctor on call all the time is indispensable.

Knows your Personal and Medical History

When you visit a doctor at a generic hospital, they will try and cure the disease based on the information you give them. On the other hand, a family doctor, especially one you have been working with for a long time, has your entire medical history from which to form a diagnosis.

There are numerous hereditary conditions that can be clearly identified if you have a family history. Your personal history including lifestyle could also matter significantly in this regard.

Having access to your medical history means diseases are diagnosed and identified much quicker than otherwise. It also means faster and more conclusive healing.

Quality Referrals

A family physician treats a wide range of diseases you may contract. However, there are some conditions that are outside their expertise to which they will refer you to a specialist.

When you have a family doctor, you get a lot more quality referrals than you would at a generic hospital. The referral you get at a hospital is one that is suggested to many others and maybe obstructed by hospital guidelines.

Having access to the doctor’s most skilled and knowledgeable colleagues, you can receive the best in medical care. It also means that you are spared the time and effort of looking for a specialist.

A Holistic Approach

A family physician is meant to do more than just treat your family when one of you is sick. A family physician should address all aspects of your health to ensure you are always in the best health possible.

That includes coordinating various aspects of your life such as your diet, fitness program, and prevention measures. On the other hand, a doctor at a hospital is only paid to treat your symptoms and no more.

You get a much more holistic medical approach from a family doctor than a generic doctor at a hospital. That way, all aspects of your health are taken care of and when you do get sick, the root of the problem is addressed, not just the symptoms.

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