May be this “Irrigation” world does not mean too much for us but it is like heart of farmer’s life or the people who deals with water and their livelihood depends on supply of water. The total production of crop depends on these irrigation systems. Irrigation is the world related to movement of water from one place to another and removing the lack-ness of water.

This system should not confused that it is related to farms and cultivation of crop only these system can be use at our home for gardening and watering lawn. Although the irrigation system used by farmer cannot be used by us for gardening and all because the size and power of system vary a lot as irrigation systems used for agriculture purpose where they need huge water and for long duration. This farm irrigation system is not so new technology or it is not like that this practice is carrying out in new era in fact this technology was used in 6th century BC in the Middle East.

There is proof of farms irrigation was in practice in past era because the crop production they were having would not be possible without irrigation system because that are do not receive enough rainfall. Irrigation systems are used according to the need and type of crop because each system had their own features and advantage before using them farmer properly plan and think over that which system they need, they also consider the climatic condition, type of soil which they will be dealing with after all such thing they make decision to select the system. There are many ways that a farmer considers for irrigate the field such as-
Surface Irrigation system this system uses the gravitational force for moving water from one place to another this is possible by using furrow and dykes to steer the water and case can be arise that every part of land could not get the water then here water pump can be used and every part can be make watered.

Sprinkle Irrigation here water is pumped through series of pipes and holes and water is sprayed all over the filed here. Sprinkles are mounted on moving device and it keep rotating and spraying water all around. Irrigation systems are very crucial for the farming and even they are very good for those who love to keep their garden green and healthy.

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