In 2008, Apple broke away from the traditionally flat, rectangular iPod design and surprised customers with a curved, wing-shaped Apple iPod touch. Though, the series of Apple iPod Nano has come to the sixth generation products, but the 5th generation iPod still has good performance and is worth possessing now.

The Apple iPod Nano 5th is a MP3, which has lots of surprising improvements. For its overall appearance, the iPod Nano 5th continues the former generation product, which has a long and narrow type design. However, the display screen is different from the former generation product. The screen size of the 5th generation has increased from 2.0 inches 2.2 inches and its resolution has been promoted from 240 * 320 to 240 * 372 pixels. So, the screen display is satisfying.

As listed above, I think it is just a little change, and the biggest change is that newly increased camera. By this built-in camera, I can record a video, and its unique recording effects leave me a deep impression. There are plenty of nice things to say about the Nano's video camera. First, the iPod Nano's camera is easy to use, letting you to jump right into recording after only two clicks from the main menu. With general application perspective, the recording effect is good. It is very suitable for outdoor, which can use to replace a separate camera. However, there is something what needs to be improved. Because of its small size, when we hold the iPod to record, we will easily take our fingers into the recording scene. That is a little troublesome.

FM radio which is also newly added in the iPod, and it is clearly that this function is more humanized. The performance of the FM radio is outstanding. The FM radio searches radio quickly, almost two seconds between two radios. This radio supports real-time pause and there is a digital recording window which allows you to suspend a programme and then replay, only 15 minutes of delay allowed. In addition, there are interesting functions such as speech broadcast of song information and pass meter, which has been added in it.

Now, with the developing of the 6th generation iPod Nano, the 5th Nano is at a reduced price. So if you want to enjoy music, I think buying the 5th Nano is a pretty good choice. Today, with the development of online wholesale shopping, of course, you can find information about the iPod nano wholesale. So we should catch the chance.

When you have chosen a fitting online wholesale shop, you should make sure the online wholesale store you have chosen is the most effective for you, and then you should know the express delivery you choose is right for you. This might need you to spend time to think about carefully, and then, make sure whether it is worth spending again. When everything is thought over, then you can make it. What you should do next is just waiting for several days, and then you will own a beautiful iPod nano 5th.

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