iPhone 7 audio disease is nothing new. From distorted sounds, microphone issue to no-sounds at-all; many users have faced these issues time after time.

Daniel Blewett- specialising in iPhone repairs in Wollongong clearly points out:-

“ The internal design of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models are prone to the issue where all the device audio will cut out. And this happens due to physically dropping the device, bends in the device frame, or due to C12 loosening underneath the audio IC chip".

When this pad loosens, the audio IC chip cannot perform its job, thus giving rise to these symptoms.

  • Not being able to hear the person from the other end of the line. And if one tries to create a voice recording message; one gets a ‘Recording Failed’ message.
  • Boot looping- meaning the iPhone device endlessly hanging on the Apple logo. The home button does still function, but the device will boot the whole way.”

The good news is that the issue can be fixed. Quality iPhone repair technicians get under the microscope and employ a lot of hot air rework station to remove the faulty audio IC chip, reball it properly and then add a micro jumper to the C 12 pad.

Some random issues can also take place in your new iPhone 7 model by some software glitch or a faulty component or due to some hardware issues.

Aiden Kennedy Smith- an expert in iPhone repairs in Dapto, puts down some recommended solutions to deal with those common issues.

  • Always check if the ring or silent button switch of your device.
  • Adjusting the volume level by heaving over to the ‘Settings-Sounds-Ringer-Alert’ and then dragging to increase the volume level.
  • Check your device and configure the Do Not Disturb, Mute option, Bluetooth and other audio regulating options. Once these are checked and possibly configured, open a sound app and check for the sound again.
  • If the issue remains, try rebooting your device. Wait for at least 30 seconds and hold the power button option till the Apple insignia appears on the screen.
  • You can also check the device notification settings. Head over to the Settings-Notifications. Once you have reached there, you will find a list of different applications. Tap on them to see which one has a notification issue and set it at ‘Allow Notification’.
  • If the issue still remains, look to reset the whole settings. Go to ‘Settings- General- Reset- And then Reset All Settings.’

  • If still no difference is seen, check the device hardware, especially if you have a history of flooring your device. It could be due to a defective sound component.

Engage With Expert Repairs If Nothing Works!

The best foot forward would be to contact local phone repair shop in Wollongong and look to get it fixed professionally. These technicians have all the experience and repair tools to fix the device properly and add some more years to it.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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