There are many apps found in Apple store but all are not suit your requirements and you need to develop iPad web apps for iPad to fulfill your requirements. There are obvious difference between native apps and web app. Native apps are faster because it uses more of iPad's resources and capabilities. You don't need to search the iPad web for native apps as you can download it from Apple store. With native apps users feel more comfortable as it device solely for iPad use. While iPad Web applications are universal and used on other devices like Android, BlackBerry or Symbian. Web apps adapted HTML5 and CSS3. Native apps can easily turned on and off without loss of any data while it is not possible with web.

To develop native apps you need to know Objective C, Cocoa, etc. so it is difficult to develop while iPad web apps are easy to develop as it need knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. Native apps are on closed platform while they are universal. You can get incredible client side functionality with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript especially with local or offline use. You can switch between style sheet or redirect pages depending on which device or browser you use that's why you can make better iPad applications. Web is an open platform so you need not to wait for any approval from Apple store or any other market place. You are in the control of your iPad.

Keeping in mind the above differences you can design iPad web apps. There are some constraints and limitation in designing apps. Very first limitation is 'Flash'. iPad don't support the Flash or its components so it is compulsory to avoid the use Flash and its components in iPad.

Alternatively you can use HTML5 and CSS3 for Flash and get the same results with it. Another reason is there is no use mouse or mouse like device in iPad so you have to depend upon the fingers you can not get effects like mouse over or text links. You are to tap the buttons every time for navigation. Scroll bars are not displayed for roll-able view with overflowing content. Frames also have height/width issues. Your view port is rectangular area and it determines how content is laid out and where text wraps on the page.

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David Aldrich is an expert iPad applications developer. He is one of the professional developer in Apple Web Development and has a creative design team specifically focused on apple iPad Web App development.