Small & big telephony companies are moving over to VOIP Telephony lets ascertain the edge of IP PBX (which uses the Internet protocol to carry calls i.e. wireless) over conventional PBX( which used telephone lines to carry calls i.e. wired).The expensive full fledged conventional PBX has put many small & big businesses out of reach. However recent PBX hosting technologies are greatly reducing overall costs.

Advantage of IP PBX are as follows:-

 Single Network over meshy telephony networks(wired):

One of the biggest benefits of Internet Protocol Telephony is the irradication of complex machine setup & implementing wireless technology. Earlier PBX required its own mesh and it’s quite expensive to build a separate network sprerading through the entire area.

 Interbranch Calls & unlimited extensions:

If IP Telephony has been implemented into different extensions then an extra feature comes into action which allows free intercom calls which was not possible earlier by the conventional methods.

 Trunk Calls get economical:

It is now possible to call different countries with cheaper call rates as the calls are carried through IP .Earlier due to presence of wired networks in PBX the expensive setup didn’t allow economical trunk calls.

 Call Parking and Auto Call Distribution:

Call Parking is a feature of VOIP which allows to put a call on hold while continuing to have conversation on another call. It also allows channeling of calls on hold according to their priorities to particular extensions which get free to pickup.

 Direct inward dialing:

Direct Inward Dialing provides users to forward calls to selective or all other extensions that are available in the assigned network. Simply by following the desired number by the extension number the required calls can be forwarded.

IP PBX provides tremendous calling features for better business communication. There is a fortune of other attributes as well such as call hunting , call blocking, DND , IVR , auto response, call-back and lots more apart from the ones listed above. The IP PBX has brought many small sized businesses to function like business giants. Due to its cost-effectiveness & user friendliness IP PBX has become the next emerging giant technology to implement hassle-free departments and infrastructure.

IP PBX completing the business phone

PBX VOIP allows fabulous quality corporate telephony.With the extended feature of VOIP on the business phone the PBX has taken the normal emailing business phone to the next level. With the number of advantages over other VOIP providers, most corporate have chosen IP PBX telephony over other VOIP providers calling due to the extended security and low bandwidth usage. Skype on the other hand requires more bandwidth otherwise call quality drops. This feature of IP PBX requiring low bandwidth gives it an edge and makes it the emerging VOIP technology.Using the G.729 audio codec high quality calls on low bandwidths are made possible which ensures the emerging IP PBX technology growth. Custom PBX applications on the business phone allows all the features to be available in a portable way.

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