When it comes to small business owners, they are required to spend wisely on any sort of expenses. Unlike Large enterprise where budget is not a constraint and people go for expensive but quality services from the vendors, here small business owner is required to look for the services which are inexpensive but at the same time effective. They are required to yield the utmost ROI from each penny spent. To search such kind of alternatives takes a lot of effort and some time divert their attention from the core business. Telephony Communication is one of the services which are very essential for any business including small business but it has its own costs and quality of service. Compromising on cost can affect the business as one can lose many clients not only due to lack of advanced features which makes one’s life easy and convenient but if Quality of communication is not good or should we say professional, a client who is calling will not get a good impression as a professional company and may lose trust and interest from the business. Many of the small business owners have faced this issue and resulted into incurring losses while going for inexpensive services. But due to restricted capital they cannot spread their legs beyond the boundary. That has created a need in the mind of the user to get good quality of communication service within their budget.

As technology has always come up with the resolution of issues, once again IP PBX has come into the picture to resolve the issues small business owner faces. IP PBX is a system which is hosted on a central server. And one can use this service while using internet. IP PBX has eliminated the requirement of hardware installation at the subscriber place. That means subscriber can avoid installing tangled wires for telephony which was the case earlier with traditional telephony system. One can use it through the internet line and on any internet enabled device like PC, Laptops, Hardphones(Require ATA), Smartphones etc. The service provider provides IP PBX services on per month contract basis while providing free technical support in case one faces the issue. That means an owner saves money as need of hardware installation gets eliminated but at the same time employing number of people to maintain the telephony system does also gets eliminated.

If compared to the large enterprise where an owner enjoy enormous advanced features of telephony communication here IP PBX offers enterprise-level feature to small businesses for professional communication such as :

• Hold Feature:- There are features like Call hold, music on hold which put a caller on hold without making him annoyed. There can be any person, a vendor, an existing client, a prospective client but in traditional phone system where this feature was lacking, there was always a chance of losing the call. Now with the services of caller can be put on hold while playing a music for hold so that one will be engaged or should we say one will not get annoyed while after got put on hold. This is the feature which improves call retention and hence can improve business productivity.

• Call forwarding feature:- Another feature of IP PBX is call forwarding where one can get the call forwarded while diverting the call on his extension and even on personal no. without attending the call on the called number as well as with the help of IVR feature one can get the calls diverted by the user which ask the caller to dial an extension to reach to the interested location. Call can be forwarded even when not answered on the called number or if the phone is busy. It makes sure that the small business owner will not miss a single call as any call missed of a prospective client can be a big hit for him. And in case one still misses the call it can get transferred to the voice mail.

• Call Conferencing:- There are features like call bridging and three way calling which is a useful features when it comes for call conferencing. People can go for telephonic meeting while sitting at different location and can talk to each other. Even more than 3 people can join into conference.

• Call Screening:- Call screening features make the call receiver enable of getting the number of the person who is calling. Now a days where CRM plays an important role, CRM can be integrated with IP PBX which means call receiver will not only get the number of the caller but also get the information about who and why in case he is the existing number in the CRM. Call screening is available for outgoing as well to make it sure that right no. has been dialed.

• Call Queuing:- It is the feature where a caller’s call goes into waiting in case the dialed number is busy and his calls landed automatically to the receiver as soon he gets over with the previous call. One can also set the priority queuing where a priority client will get his call landed first even when his call is waiting at 5th position.

Not only the features which makes it attractive but also a professional image comes into the mind of the person who is making call which is compelling enough for the small business owner to go for this service. It is one of the gifts of the technology to the small business to let him grow and prosper in this competitive environment.

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Technology specialist at therealpbx.com ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a pioneer in providing Hosted PBX that deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system, Virtual PBX and more. Their enterprise class IP PBX Services include top notch features like Unified Communication.