IOTA Australia is an international franchise of the famous UK company IOTA Garden and Home. We manufacture high-quality pots and planets with the help of our foreign qualified designers and staff. The pots are according to the customer’s choice and wish we provide sleek elegant products to our customers. We make commercial and elegant residential projects with the help of Leading Designers, Architects,Cement Plantersand Landscape Architects. We can help you in construction with our foreign qualified talented team and high-quality products pots and planets. If you are planning for a renovation project with a specific theme, we can also offer customer fiberglass and GRC Garden Pots and Planters depending on what you need.

IOTA provides to its customers a range of Lightweight garden Pots and Cement Planters appropriate for commercial and residential projects. IOTA products are very lightweight can be easily moved from one place to another they despite the fact they are lightweight our products are durable strong and elegant. They give an elegant classy appearance to your place. They can be easily installed in the buildings.
Manhattan planters are made of lightweight fiberglass GRP (glass-reinforced plastic). They have a charcoal colored matte finishing style with an elegant look with a final touch of UV resistant polyethylene paint. They can hold small trees and large plants have a modern classy design that appeals to everyone. The planters can be used both indoors and outdoors. They blend perfectly with contemporary or classic designs.These high-quality planters are with a warranty of three years. Is not it a great deal?

Garden pots

IOTA provides a wide range of garden pots. They are available in different sizes and shapes. IOTA garden pots are the name of durability and strength with stylish finishing. These ornamental plants increase the beautys of your house. IOTA garden pots will look good with any design, indoors or outdoors. Granite polished to perfection will look good with classic and contemporary designs. These garden pots are free from defects with a five-year warranty.

Venice concrete planters

Venice concrete planters give a Venetian plasterappearance. They can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. These Venetian designs especially look good for industrial use without edgy corners.

The Venice range is 100% exclusive to IOTA. Other companies manufacture our inspired IOTA products. They try to imitate us but be care full from deception and only try IOTA exclusive products. These lightweight garden pots will increase the beauty of your house and offices where you place them.

Florence GRC concrete planters

The Florence GRC lightweight planter is extremely durable and weather-proof, yet it is light enough for ease of transport. Florence GCR concrete planters are lightweight classy and extremely durable.

Our products go with modern exterior and interior available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It provides you more choices of range designs and sizes. You can adds more depth to your design

Moscow GRC Planters

IOTA's Moscow range is made from polyester resin, stone powder, and fiberglass. When it comes to class with beautys here comes to Moscow GRC planters. It has a black color with a touch of brown. It will give a beautiful appearance to green leaves when placed inside planters.

Moscow GCR planters are the name of durability and strength when it comes to the beautys they will not disappoint you. Due to its high durability and excellent shelf-life, our lightweight Moscow GRC planter is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. As with all our premium products, the Moscow GRC planters come with a 3-year guarantee.

Manhattan GRP Fiberglass Planters

This range is made from a high-quality woven fiber mat and finished with industrial UV-resistant coating, making it ideal for outdoor use. This gives Manhattan a touch of sophistication and elegance with clean apparent lines. Larger sizes are reinforced with steel for additional strength to support.

They are made of glass-reinforced fiber despite their strength they are lightweight and easy to move can be shifted easily from one house to another.

We have made innovation in the field of pots and planters we installed new projects like Australian project some projects which are installed are

• IOTA Manhattan Trough and Cube Planters Used for Taringa Residential Complex
• IOTA Venice Tall Round Planters Enhance Epicurious Garden
• Fiberglass Trough Planters Used as Dividers in Worongary Shopping Centre Restaurants
• IOTA Fiberglass Cube Planters at King George Square
• IOTA Venice Tall Round Planters Enhance Epicurious Garden

Wholesale Pots and Planters Application

We also deal in the wholesale marketing of pots and planters. You can buy your favorite product at the wholesale rate. You are provided with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You need to be an active reseller to be eligible for wholesale pricing in the landscape or construction industry.For registration, you will be provided with an online form on our website.

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