As children, we had to go to school, do our homework and perform to the satisfaction of our parents. The years passed and we realize that we no longer have to perform chores to please our parents but to survive.
As children, we were taken to church or any other house of worship. We were not necessarily happy to go but we had to, although we always felt better on the way back home.
As children, we had to say a prayer either to beg forgiveness or give thanks for all the wonderful blessings we receive regularly.
But today, we are grown, we lavishly enjoy life, no one can tell us what to do, and we love it!
Some of us are lucky. We realize that the responsibility is greater when no one is expected to tell us what to do.
Some of us are not so lucky. We take it easy and savor all the pleasures of the world, feeling emptier as the days run by, until we extinguish all desire to live.
We can’t concentrate.
We can’t read.
We can’t stop worrying.
We can’t love or be loved.
We don’t care!
Some fool comes by and talks about meditation, how good it is, how it changes your brain, how you develop intuition and how you can love and be loved in a deeper way. We even hear about some individuals who can love their enemy! Damn!
We read about meditation and try to do it, following whatever the book or the spiritual teacher says, but to no avail. When we sit, all sorts of thoughts plague our minds and we get frustrated or fall asleep if we are lucky. If we are persistent, we continue to try--we become vegetarian and start lecturing everybody about the advantages of meditation-- hoping to attain liberation for good intention.
Our mind, they say, is like an untamed horse. Unless we continue to sit -- watching the thoughts fly like birds -- with no hard feelings – we will never be the masters of our horse.
With perseverance, the Master and the aspirant become one and the same. Wow!
Deep inside we find the grandeur that was always there but obstructed by our incredulity.
We have just created God and He is so close, right there in our universal hearts… always.

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Alternative health practitioner masquerading as an attorney in real life