There certainly seems to be a straight tooth revolution. It's hard not to turn on the television , radio, or YouTube without being bombarded with a number of teeth-straightening advertisements. You might be wondering which one is better if you are interested in straightening your teeth:
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Now when I say Invisalign vs. braces, what I really mean is how clear aligners compare to braces. There are many brands of clear aligners, some are professionally made by a dentist and others are available directly to the consumer.
There are other brands, but for the sake of reading we'll just say Invisalign here, sort of like Kleenex people say for tissues. For home clear aligner companies, we'll call them DIY (DIY) clear aligners.
Do braces work better than Invisalign?
Ok, let's get right to that, Invisalign vs braces, which one is better for you? Here's the deal, for a large percentage of adult orthodontic cases, Invisalign works just as well as braces. And that's good because 1 in 4 orthodontic cases today is in an adult. There are two main factors when braces become more beneficial.
The first factor to consider between Invisalign and braces is patient compliance. Plain and simple, that means the patient will wear the Invisalign as directed, which is generally 20-22 hours per day. The studies show compliance of the patient is the key.
Clear aligners work great when worn as directed, but if the patient doesn't commit to doing their part, that's when problems arise with successful treatment. Teeth only move with Invisalign. There is a critical point in the amount of time aligners are worn for the teeth to move properly. So, if the patient does not use them the minimum of time: it is not good.
The second factor in deciding Invisalign vs. braces is age. And this is why: there are times when a dentist is trying to guide growth through orthodontics during child or adolescent development. Braces have more leverage options to apply force to the jaws to guide growth and prevent developmental problems . Therefore, braces are preferable for children and adolescents during their growing years.
Clear aligners are an excellent option for adults when growth is complete due to the cosmetic benefits of the treatment.
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Invisalign vs Braces Effectiveness: What Studies Show
A 2019 study found , both clear aligners and braces were effective in treating misalignment of upper and lower teeth. Both can move many types of misalignment problems. For example:
Teeth too tight
Hollow teeth
Crooked teeth
TMJ disorder related to misalignment
But this is where things start to differ between Invisalign vs braces. The studies found that clear aligners are not as effective to create a balanced snack. Generally, a dentist will need to manually adjust the bite after clear aligners, making sure that the teeth come into contact evenly.
So to recap, for most adult cases, Invisalign and braces are about equal in effectiveness. They are two different roads that lead to the same destination. However, there are times when braces can be more effective if the case is excessively complex. The good news is that a dentist or orthodontist may be able to determine the disadvantages of a specific case before treatment.

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