Thank you for your interest and support. We are excited to announce that we are #3 on for MOST MOMENTUM and we have recently Over-Subscribed our Phase I of $107,000 and we are now into our Phase II to raise $1,070,000.

Fusion Farms is a Title III - Regulation C Online Public Offering (OPO) with a Form C on file with the SEC and is actively accepting investments at the Fusion Farms Investment Campaign page ( One share equals one vote and it's just $10 per share with a $100 minimum investment; we are excited to make this available to a global investor audience and we would love for you to join our international team of IMPACT INVESTORS who support Hurricane-protected Aquaponic Vertical Farming.

We are seeking IMPACT Investors who are interested in clean, green, renewable energy and agriculture investments. We want investors who are "philanthropically" oriented to "Do Well By Doing Good" and they should be sensitive to environmentally sustainable food and water solutions.

The PROBLEM that we solve is; Hurricane Maria destroyed 80% of the farms in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is not a Food Sovereign Island and food security is a huge threat to the entire population. The Island is a Net Importer of foodstuffs, importing over 90% of the food which is consumed on the Island.

Our SOLUTION is; Hurricane-Protected Aquaponic Vertical Farm utilizing renewable energy, rainwater harvest, aquaponics that utilizes 10% of the water of traditional agriculture and an indoor vertical rack system to grow 9 to 12 times the annual yield of traditional farming.

Our VALUE-ADDED Ingredient is; our partnership with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) which owns 25 million square feet of vacant, abandoned buildings all around the Island, all of which are concrete warehouses which have withstood all tropical storms and hurricanes over the last 60 years. We are creating a new tax base for unutilized government buildings, creating new jobs for Puerto Ricans and helping Puerto Rico become a Food Sovereign territory.

Our TEAM is; a World-Class combination of Universities and Professionals (see with decades of experience in Controlled Environment Agriculture or CEA.

Your OPPORTUNITY is; an investment of just $100 to a maximum of $100,000 to own a piece of Fusion Farms that is changing the food security of Puerto Rico. The CPA-reviewed financial projections (part of the Online Offering Memorandum) show a tremendous potential ROI on a very conservative basis. Fusion Farms is also a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund Investment, as well as a Qualified Small Business Stock, both of which are substantial benefits to investors who want to shelter or reduce their capital gains tax.

A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR PUERTO RICO INVESTMENT: Will you help us build a community of environmentally sensitive investors for Fusion Farms Puerto Rico? We have developed proprietary Aquaponic systems which will change Puerto Rico’s dependency on imported foodstuffs forever.

In order to invest, you need to go directly to and register there. You can then download our Offering Memorandum which is our Form C which has been filed with the SEC. You can complete your purchase online using a credit card, ACH, wire transfer and they also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as forms of payment.

We look forward to welcoming you as our newest Fusion Farms IMPACT Investor, so please make sure you make your purchase before we CLOSE our Offering on July 3, 2019!

Thanks again for considering our Opportunity and for your support!

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