The increased economic pressure placed on average New Zealanders thanks to disruptions in the global economy, hikes in interest and fuel prices, and general rises in cost-of-living expenses means that fewer people can afford to buy their own homes. In a bid to make their money go further, many New Zealand buyers are continuing the pandemic-period semi-gration trend of seeking out smaller towns and cities that offer cheaper housing options than what is available in more populace cities.

To that end, Invercargill is proving to be especially popular with first-time buyers, as the city as a whole provides more affordable real estate options. This smaller city also stands in good stead to bring in more investors, as it offers residents the same kinds of amenities without the hefty price tag they’d find in larger cities. Thanks to growth in remote work, it’s even possible to move to Invercargill without needing to change employment.

RE agents in Invercargill have also noted that the city’s property prices have remained comparatively stable when contrasted with the rest of the country. That is, while much of New Zealand’s property prices have experienced a significant drop in the past year – leading to smaller returns on investments if not full-on losses for current owners – Invercargill continues to record healthy growth.

Thus, despite being a cheaper market, to begin with, buyers in Invercargill can be better assured that they will see steady growth in their property investments over time, as the market appears to be less impacted by the kinds of great fluctuations seen elsewhere across the country.
Between more stock coming on sale and new developments in the pipeline, buyers are sure to find a home that fits within their budget and will garner significant returns with time should they choose to purchase real estate in Invercargill.

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