Patent Process
Inventors have a few different task they much perform in order to successfully Patent their Invention and get it to market. The most severe of these obstacles is the legality behind the Patent and understanding which paperwork to complete, etc. A Patent Attorney is about the only way to go, and they can assist You with matters like cross-referencing and other tedious task that might not suit You so well. Before You go crazy thinking You have the next best thing You should have an Invention Service perform a Patent Search. This search will reveal any similar products which might conflict with You having Your Invention designed. If all is good to go and there are no Inventions found within the Patent Search that resemble Yours that You can move on to the design phase.
Invention Designers
Within the life of an Invention it normally has 3 or more design phases. The first is the conceptual design where the overall look, size, and functionality are recognized. From this viewpoint Patent Drawings can be constructed, and are not always one hundred percent accurate, but highlight the use of the Invention for the Patent Office. If You take Your time and research enough You should find an Invention Design Service who can not only do Your Conceptual Designs, but also Your Patent Drawings and CAD Manufacturing files. Invention Design Services like this can usually afford to produce a discounted price do to the fact that they provide all Design Services. Some of these companies can even produce Your Rapid Prototype immediately after the CAD file has been designed.
Rapid Prototyping
Once the CAD model is complete that it's time for the Prototype. The function of the Prototype is to allow the Inventor to physically examine their part and make any changes that may be necessary before moving on to mass production. Rapid Prototyping is usually done with a machine called a 3D Printer. These 3D Printers cannot produce more than one part at a time, but are definitely cost effective, and worth using before You go to the next step of manufacturing. Actually this is normally where most Inventors stop and present their Invention to potential investors so all the worries of start up cash, marketing, and other things are never dealt with. It's much easier to let someone else manage a company, unless You already have experience within the particular area of expertise, and feel up to the task.

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