New Inventions are thought of every day and Inventors are constantly coming up with new ideas. These Inventors have to go through the Patent process which entails a few aspects of the Design Industry. First the Inventor has to come up with an idea which must contain some type of look and functionality. This is known as the Conceptual Design and is where the Inventions design starts. The appearance of the Invention can be communicated to a Invention Design Service who will translate it into a working 3D CAD model.
CAD Invention Designers
CAD Invention Designers are the individuals who actually perform the design of the Invention with CAD software. If Your un aware of what CAD is exactly it is the acronym for Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting. Once the initial design from the CAD Designer is complete He or She can produce Patent Blueprints or Patent Drawings which can be used when submitting for a Patent. These Patent Drawings are all that any Inventor will need in order to submit for the patent. If the Inventions design has small changes from here than it won't affect the patents legality. The same CAD file used to create the Patent Drawings can be used to create a 3D model.
3D CAD Models
3D CAD Models are simply the name of the CAD file which contains all the information for a Rapid Prototype, CNC, or Injection Mold. If You go to more than one Invention Design Service to have Your Patent Drawings and CAD 3D Model created Your probably wasting time and money. The CAD files that create the Invention Design are very versatile in the sense that they can be used for Renderings, Blueprints, CNC, and Patent Drawings.
Rapid Prototypes
Rapid Prototypes are a staple within the Patent Process for the Inventor. Until a Prototype has been created there is really no way to demonstrate what the Invention looks like, or how its functionality works. When an Inventor is going to look for potential Investors it's a good idea to have a Prototype handy to pitch Your idea. You can obtain a Prototype from an Invention Design Service who produces the Prototypes as well as design them. 3D Printers are used to produce the Rapid Prototype, and the entire process can cost probably less than You might expect especially if one Invention Design Service does all Your design work.

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