Energy follows the direction of the mind and emotions. Creative mental images and positive feelings encourage success. As new images replace the old view of the past, limiting beliefs give way, and life changes as experience begins to reflect inner images

All of these intuitive tips are useful for anyone, so use your imagination in application. Begin by connecting with your True Self, the part of you that knows the feeling of being in the flow of life. Imagine it as a marvelous, energizing day. Meditation and exercise are also helpful when a change is courted.

1. Begin with the image of desirable voice mail messages or a desirable in-box with prospective clients or amazing opportunities. Stay with the feeling.
2. Create the level of desirable income. (Make it believable. I strongly suggest adding one-third or one-half more than your present income
3. Visualize compliments from your co-workers and clients.
4. Imagine that you complete tasks quickly and easily with laser focus.
5. Make an image of your life with the desired change. How you would spend the income? How would you feel?
6. Create additional time for you. It takes a great deal of energy to change the present. Make a special time for activities that are restful and nourishing. (Not shopping or running errands.)
7. It’s important to review your plans for the future weekly or bi-weekly from an intuitive perspective. What are your feelings about your work, clients and the future? What calls to your soul? What does your heart say?
8. Make a list of your intuitive leads so that you learn the difference between the chatter of the mind and the voice of the True Self.
9. Encouragement is important. Stay with your plan and celebrate, at least inwardly, when your images take form in “reality.”
10. Send love to “your source of money”, whether employer, client or government. In the end, all sources of income are the Universe. When you send love and light, you receive energy – yes- even in the form of financial prosperity.

Author's Bio: 

Julia Griffin is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.Her teachings embody advanced concepts for those who want to deepen their understanding of co-creation and personal "reality”.

She has a deep understanding of energetics based on extensive studies. She is an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist and Reiki Master. Julia has the ability to communicate with plants and animals. She lived with wolves for nine years, while developing her intuitive abilities. Julia is a contributing writer for the ezine, Spirit of Maat.