Frequently, I’m approached by individuals ranging from novice to adept, requesting support as they learn to more accurately discern the difference between intuition and ego. In the spirit of clarity and with the intention of demystifying basic terms that have become confusing in the wake of new cage nonsense, offered here are basic, working definitions for the purposes of this requested discussion. Afterward, I have expounded on intuition using a common metaphor, with the hope that more people will relate to it.

Intuition – a true, clear, authentic message from your higher self, Divinity, and the combination of the two. The more you connect with Divinity, the more the two are merged. Each individual has their own intuitive language, characterized by specific sensations.

Imagination – a fanciful thought, a daydream, a creative escapade. Beautiful & even necessary (in my rarely humble opinion) for a creative individual to keep balanced & enjoy life. Not, though, intuition, but rather a by-product of the ego.

Ego – a thought, a strong opinion, often coming from the controlling part of the subconscious or conscious brain. Something you really want, which can appear disguised as intuition unless you’re practiced at discerning the difference.

And now the metaphor: Most drivers are now acquainted with GPS systems – the tool in you automobile that tells you how to get from point A to point B. The guidance provided offers clear, simple steps. Turn right or turn left. It lacks the ability to provide specific details such as: Stop at the light; wait for the elderly couple to finish crossing the road before proceeding; brake to avoid hitting the deer, or speed up to adhere to the updated speed limit.

Even the most advanced GPS cannot tell you to pull over and change the flat tire, not to pick up that hitch hiker, or when to refill your window washer fluid to help keep your view clear. The GPS won’t tell you when it’s foggy, when to put on the a/c or when a giant pothole looms ahead, just waiting to thwart your newly aligned front end.

It is you who must take care of your vehicle, notice the road conditions, attend to the environment including the activity, assess for safety and adjust to weather conditions. The GPS, handy as it is, is merely a basic guide. Multi-faceted variables necessitate continuous adjustments in order to effectively navigate your journey.

Apply that metaphor to your intuition. It is an internal, BASIC, foundational system of guidance. You must take care of your vehicle – your body. You must access it properly – via meditation or at least being meditative on a regular basis. You must maintain conscious awareness of your surroundings and make the necessary adjustments, with honed attention. You cannot just haphazardly, “follow your heart” and expect everything to fall into place. Get in touch with your heart first, to make sure you’re not just following an ego-based impulse.

Your heart, your gut, your intuition – all these terms are used interchangeably. Unfortunately, especially in modern Western conditioned society, we can lack the depth of insight needed to find that place and remain in it enough to effectively use it.

As an example: I frequently encounter people on the small, beautiful island where I live, who share that they followed their intuition and came here with no plan. The ones who stay and make it here are the ones who continue on their paths by following through with their intuition and then following up with it. Meaning they don’t just bolt out here on a whim and then plop down waiting to be saved. They create a plan of responsible action prior to arrival and then continue to take inspired action upon arrival.

The key: Staying in touch with intuition and acting upon authentic messages. It is a lifelong process to be responsible with one’s intuition, not just a one-time fluke of a whim when making a decision.

Intuition speaks from a calm, centered place inside – not from fear, desperation, exasperation, frustration, exhaustion, intoxication, or any other factor that can hasten a decision due to a desire to end discomfort. When intuition is truly in play, then even decisions made during challenging times are still made from that calm, centered place inside. Once you’ve found it and regularly honed it, no one can take it from you. It’s yours. A qualified service provider whom you trust can lead you to it, but it is up to you to maintain it, hone it, be responsible for it and with it.

It can also be advantageous to have a support network in place to help navigate the intricacies in life, even when using your intuition as a guide. Friends, family, professional support – whatever combination creates and supports your balance in standing strongly on your own foundation, even when the sands are shifting. Your stability is internal. Respond to your circumstances from there.

Soon to come, clear, down to earth explanations regarding how to follow through with your intuition and how to follow up with your intuition. Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to ask questions and to share.

Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
"The AmBadassador of Light!"

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