QuickBooks accounting application has been a very comprehensive accounting application, consists of innumerable features. These vast features has increased the efficiency in the accounting operations, giving more advantages over other accounting programs. But sometimes, these functions experience problems and we as an accounting professional, seek a remedy of these issues. Some issues are well known and we get those fixed by ourselves but if there is anything critical, we eventually look after some other options. Intuit, the vendor of QuickBooks application has managed the QuickBooks support very adequately by setting up many useful resources so that if users face any issues with the application, they can it fixed quickly. The resources offered by Intuit are described below:

1- Intuit Knowledge Base: Inuit has set up a knowledge base having thousand of tips and tricks which helps QuickBooks users to fix their issues. It has also a collections of well known issues and their possible fixes to help the users to fix their QuickBooks issues by themselves. The QuickBooks users can search the fixes by just providing any keyword of the issue they have been facing, this makes the process more smoother. It is setup so comprehensively that it guides the users step by step to do the necessary things to get rid of their issues.

2- Intuit Forum: This is the best QuickBooks support medium a user can imagine, where users can post their problems, describing all the parameters of the issues. The Intuit forum is continuously monitored by QuickBooks experts so that as soon as the problem appears, they can respond. The relevance of the Intuit forum becomes more as it has hundreds of experienced QuickBooks users as the registered user and if there is any delay by the forum moderators, they try to reply those posts. The Intuit forum is the most effective way to resolving the issues.

3- Intuit Customer Support: Calling to a Intuit QuickBooks expert is eventually the last weapon we use as a QuickBooks users. Having contact with a customer support specialist ensures that we will have a 100% fix of our issues. They are available with us until we get rid of the issues. If initial attempt doesn’t succeed, they engage the most experienced experts to look after. There are many ways of getting support from Intuit customer support like: call, chatting to an expert or by just sending an e-mail. Whatever the medium is, but Intuit ensures that the customers are left with a fix of their problem.

Apart from Intuit, there are many other independent resources to get rid of our QuickBooks issues. These resources consist of knowledge bases, forums, blogs, articles and ultimately a QuickBooks hosting expert. The resources like forums, blogs and articles are just like the support medium as Intuit but QuickBooks hosting expert is a different kind of support option altogether. They have their QuickBooks technical support specialist and accounting programs expert so that their users are always confident of getting quick remedies.

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Rakesh Kumar is an application hosting specialist working with one of the leading application hosting provider, SageNext Infotech. His other experience areas are cloud computing, IT infra management and IT security. Rakesh is very active towards knowledge sharing using his blogs, articles and with many more mediums.

With SageNext, he is busy with the team of QuickBooks hosting, making QuickBooks cloud hosting available for accounting professionals.