The drones racing is one of the most exciting hobbies. Operating drones at high speeds dodging obstacles and doing pirouettes can be very enthralling. If you want to start racing drones but don't know where to start, read on.

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Drone racing involves racing through a predetermined path with the racing helicopter or an RC racing quad. And to win one must have a drone with fast and very powerful multi-rotors that can offer incredible speed. The idea is to keep the drone as light as possible because if the drone is heavy, it will lose speed and momentum, something that you want to avoid. Drone racing has become are very popular and there are many tournaments around the world that one can participate in to show their drone piloting skills.

Before you jump into the pool and compete with a racing drone, you need to take into account a series of steps to make any impact, but above all, you will need to have a good command of piloting a conventional drone.

Steps to fly a racing drone

• Keep in mind that driving a racing drone is a different experience than driving a photo drone. The purpose is not only different, but the vast majority of these devices lack GPS, an automatic positioning or flight system. How the drone performs depends completely on the skills of the pilot, that's why you must have good basic knowledge to start experimenting with racing drones.

• Different speeds: Another of the main differences that you will notice when flying a racing quad vs. a traditional helicopter are the speeds that these racing drones can reach, as well as the feeling of immersion that FPV glasses offer the users.

• FPV mode: Racing drones are piloted in FPV mode, which lets the pilot see what's the drone camera is seeing, giving them a first-person point of view (most pilots wear FPV glasses). That is why you must familiarize yourself with this type of flight.

Simple exercises to start flying a racing quad or Helicopter:

Let's go through a series of exercises to perform during the first flights through a series of movements and changes of drone direction that will allow you to learn how to develop the skills necessary to pilot your drone with total mastery.

• Start by flying the drone (at the lowest possible speed) and keeping it straight. Try to keep it in that position for a few seconds.
• Try to rotate it 360º and return to the starting position.
• Move it slowly forward, backward, left and right.
• Go flying from one area to another and land.
• Make circles with the drone.
• Try the different controls offered by the remote to go clockwise, anti-clock, etc.
• Repeat the previous exercises with the drone at 180º.
• Try drawing “eights in the air”.
• Repeat all these exercises increasing the speed little by little.

If you manage to do these exercises by increasing the speed and without losing control of the drone, you will gradually succeed to fly a racing drone.

You mustn't dedicate minutes, but hours and have the patience to master the craft of handling a racing helicopter. It is also essential that you start practice on days with good temperature, without rain, and with the minimum possible wind.

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