Now one last word: not merely these writings, when the Transcendent Mother thought of doing any creative work, she was never in favor of taking time off, sitting down and giving notice of what she was about to do. Whenever and whatever questions cropped up, she went on explaining that in the proper perspective. And thus came into being her excellent creation.

When un-mutilated it was one complete whole, so did it remain as I had seen, when given out piecemeal each part being a complete whole in itself. Only a small number of specimens of that kind are offered here. “The Aspects of the Mother” is the last piece to be added to the collection. It is like ending the feast with a sweet dish. Understanding this, who will not say—Mother is self-liberated. “That which is novel, you will find after your heart.”--This is echoed in the fulfillment of the objective.

Perhaps one may think, I have aimed at magnifying her. O no, not by any means! So great is she that there is no need at all to speak in exaggerated term about her. We do not know how to put things in the right perspective. Why should we make a farce of it by holding up to view those things?
Blessed am I for having the good fortune of counting the watches of day and night in despondency living for a spur of forty-eight years in close proximity to the Transcendent Mother. I had endless leisure or supreme opportunity of all that had had been added to or taken away from the sum of things in the world both early and late. I have realized her thought-image to be the embodiment of someone, second to none. On most occasions, we were dumb-founded with wonder while watching her thought-processes.

Though I have realized that I am increasingly growing nobler in mind in course of worship, I have still observed that the sublime humanity of the Transcendent Mother is something which lies far beyond the reach of men of understanding. What strikes us as most wonderful is her wide diversity of judgments in effecting harmony on all occasions. That is a thing which can not be explained in exact terms. Seeing is believing.

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In the kitchen she took care of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes keeping in view the health and physical efficiency of husband, children and the circle of devotees. When relatives, guests and invitees arrived, they were treated to singars, suji (semolina), curd and sweets. Assuming the sorrows of countless disciples by handing out truthful messages, the analysis and expounding of abstruse philosophy and so on and so forth—all this went on at the same time. Everybody was making random demands. If anybody were to think of even an iota of these things, he would be struck all of a heap. With perfect ease, does Mother find it possible to manage all things on such an occasion and take them in hand; I do not know how she could do it.

With our little brain we always feel astounded when we think of this. All her life she had effortlessly raised equal to the in exorable demand of the high heaven brushing aside a hundred obstacles and danger. A large number of those things at a lower level, we only chatter away; it is hardly within our capacity to understand how she had poured herself out to the last drop with her eyes set on high. Taking our cue from the last line stating her end in view we make an attempt to craft a partial guess—“Well to start with I had to make mince-meat of self, then came the question of full development.”

N.B. – If this wreath is accepted, I will be in a position to forward one by one the essays related to authentic creation of Ma-Mahajnan, beginning with her “End in View” and “Religion and Realization”. Along with good number of others we will end up with a very genuine one for the time being. The wide range of her creativity may be changed from time to time according to the need of the hour. Of course, if I am permitted by the authority around SelfGrowthcom

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