One thing we should never forget. Though the Transcendent Mother remained unique and superb from the angle of spiritual endeavor, she was all along an ideal housewife. She played her role surrounded by her husband and children. That had to be realized by others with all their hearts being present at all hours on the blessed spot. At the bottom of how many successful creative activities stretched out her experience, judgment and circumspection, in the world in a number of ways? As mere specimens, to meet the need of the primordial, we published the articles in “Nandan Kanan” on particular occasion. Those had issued forth from her blessed lips.

Being busy and distracted with s hundred duties in the world, she had ceaselessly spoken all those even about “Flawless performance of duty and ideal householder”. Unless one finds a way avoiding conflict, or cold mutual hostilities are ended, who has the power to realize “Dream-Self-Truth, Devotion at the Math (Monastery) and Human Welfare”? In between was discussed whether something as a miracle exists or not. That’s, indeed, a vast chapter. The question of successful realization arises only when a solution about it brings further discussion to a final stop. But the fundamental thing is “How to keep oneself healthy”? To accept things having correctly understood them is evidently not so easy. At the bottom all that is subtle lies eating and enjoying, acceptance and rejection.

Taking into account “Dream-Self-Truth” as our cue, we further made our way across a wide expanse towards “That far horizon”. “Devotion at the Monastery” puts forth incontrovertible arguments. Everywhere there goes shouting the victory of delusion in the name of truth. Of course, once a person is free from conflict, his sorrow or distress will be gone. Can one find the path just by knowing this?

Reason may say, there is no such thing as the supernatural. Our innate prejudice leads the intelligence astray. We are compelled to own—there must be something. Thinking becomes a burden—a dead weight. It comes to spending one’s time by indulging in delusions. How can we now put our faith in the beneficent activities of saints and sages?

Coming in contact with Kala, a deaf and dumb orphan boy, Mother has found one and all deaf in this wide, wide world starting from individuals. Can the activity of human welfare take on significance all so easily?

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But the question of realizing the truth comes later. To begin with, one can not do without knowing,”Devotion—various form to suit individual temperament”. There is no question here of being rich or poor. The main point is the idea of knowing who the deserving one is. He who is not born with a talent, how long does it take him to prove himself a fool in the name of worship? Again, not merely understanding of temperament will do. Now one may be bowled over the ritualism.

So did Ma-Mahajnan teach us a good lesson--”The aspects of the Mother”. That very teaching informs us how the matchless Transcendent Mother whets her weapon giving to it a sharp edge. While talking of the sharp edge, one first of all thinks of one’s neck. If you carry on your shoulders a humble head still holding it high you will climb up to the highest peak of success.

A certain middling devotee of Ram Thakur, was a service holder. Along with him here came a follower of Ramakrishna. He was a well-known businessman. Both of them came to attend the vesper session at the temple. One of them had his mind full of questions. The other was a silent listener. But in this deluded world, people, one and all, come to offer their judgments each in his own way. They stumble and fall down on the dry beach. In front of them, there stood the Transcendent Mother with her infinite heart and full of peace. She drew a veil over her dazzling brilliance. Was it that the ‘Ball of Fire’ had taken on a human form? Blessed be our life!

Unarmed is he. How will he push aside the insurmountable obstacles and go his way? To the blessed feet of the Transcendent Mother he prayed for his solution and direction--”O Mother! Why have Mother as many as Ten Forms? Why we call into Mother Tara, why does Chinnamasts (the self-beheaded one) make her appearance to our confusion? What to do now? What’s the way out?” In this connection, with due consideration to the form, the immutable essence gave forth the concept of the Ball of Fire. Where do all the foolish practitioners go without submitting themselves to pure judgment, if it is really subtle? Moreover, here is the infinite subtlety.

If devotion is something fundamental to strength, then why does it make a wreck of one’s fortune? It is by means of reason that ability is assessed. But if somebody remains sunk in sleep, can he reach Him? It is knowledge which declares who is real fortunate. Next should come specimens of so many things covering matchless judgments of unique philosophy of life. Here they are indeed, in plentiful measure.

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