Works of Ma-Mahajnan, The Most Worshipful Transcendent Mother, calls for special study and serious discussion. The question of complete realization of her subtlety at all levels is something which can simply be ruled out. Again, with regard to those who are imbued with a normal consciousness of the life-process, I see no reason why they should not realize that partly or even mostly in their hearts. With that partial realization, the innate prejudices and inhibitions will be moderated. And the more they are, the more every individual among us will come to realize—when and where we have to hang down our heads and what kind of spiritual endeavor makes us feel that we can hold our heads high forever.

Everybody has the right, irrespective of rich and poor, race, religion, color, creed and cline, to pray and worship at the temple of knowledge. It may happen like this. The East did not care to find somewhere the way of penance. In that very place the West would be enough conscious about something extra-ordinary all of a sudden in its quest of achievements. It is not a question of East and West, it thus becomes self-aware. What is very true is this. Wherever we belong all the brothers are to remain together. Unless one becomes self-aware, the other does not regain consciousness. Needless to say, both gaining of consciousness and self-awareness have to be combined. Once they are so and join forces in serving mankind, real welfare is possible.

A Vision of God is the objective of human life. This matter is open to argument. It leaves many gaps and offers much scope for thought. By following the Transcendent Mother’s philosophy of life, one easily comes to realize the truth as upheld by Ma-Mahajnan. Truly does she say—“Be possessed of the inmost knowledge.” This, in fact, is the solid truth. It is knowledge which explains to us, everywhere in the universe two and two make four. It is ignorance which goes wrong in working out its figures. But above everything else there is “Unraveling of the Mystery of the Universe”. The essence of the matter is stated therein as follows: Putting two and two together one feels a sense of ‘Nothingness’.

Man has to be told how much he is capable of achieving what he desires to have. Unless all the delusions are got rid of, the question of profound peace only feeds a number of idle fancies. But there is no end to such delusions. When light shines forth, darkness is dispelled. We need a great shining light, if we are bent on finding out all that lies about, without a mistake. We have to find out in a single life where this light is and have to be illuminated ourselves.

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Now the question is how to delve deep. Without proper guidance of a spiritual master (Guru) it would be very difficult to go along the road to eternity. The Great Gurus have had so many disciples that often everything had to end in jeopardy. In schools all the students can not draw attention to the teachers. So is the case with the teachers; a few of the students get the privilege to prove themselves intelligent enough in the examination. Others are to get through some how. Of course, the foresight of the Gurus is always beyond any measure. Excuse me, did we find any one of that standard? It’s not a question of debate, we are to realize at heart and feel emboldened. Leave it.

By the yardstick of reason and capacity does knowledge assess every step that is taken? Whether we pay heed to it or not, to all appearance, the law of knowledge is of an eternal order. But whenever we are to accept something as eternal truth, we should inevitably resort to thoughts and ideas of an extraordinary order. It is at the doorstep of Transcendent Knowledge, that the give and take of true conscience goes on. Whatever we have directly received from Ma-Mahajnan, by far transcends the truths that are in vogue. Now every reader should judge for himself the riches that he has gathered at the blessed feet. In fact, when you do not search, you dig your own grave. So when you search, you can not but find a little grain. What does a little grain mean? Many a little makes a micelle. In the wake of this thought there arises the question of understanding the Infinite.

Self-revealed does she remain all over a vast body of creative works (assuming more than one hundred volumes) running into hundreds and thousands of channels of thought. But the “Illuminating Essays” are no more than a sample. There remains a number of works thrown off in a state of “Conscious Trance”. What matters more than anything else, she is still with us in the blessed flesh. (O no, she is no more with us today. We lost her on the 22 nd January 2011.) Let each in his own way know and find out. If you go searching every here and there, you will get the feeling of getting this and that and so many other things. Here so far as the question of getting is concerned, you have only to harmonize all the things within yourself.

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