What are Earth Energies?

According to the dictionary Earth is the planet or world we live on, ground, soil, or to connect electrically with earth.

Energy is vigour, force, activity, source(s) of power. Energy exists as potential or kinetic and is measured in various units, such as ergs, joules, or foot-pounds. In Newtonian science the first law of Thermodynamics states that energy is never created or destroyed but is only transferred or transformed.

Energy may take various forms - sound, chemical, and electrical energy, for example. One whole range of related forms is known as radiant energy or electro-magnetic radiation. Together they make up the electro-magnetic spectrum, whose various radiations are characterised by particular ranges of wavelengths and frequencies.

In a vacuum, all forms of electromagnetic radiation travel at the same constant velocity - called the speed of light. In other transparent mediums, they travel more slowly, the velocity depending on the wavelength of the radiation and, generally, on the density of the medium. The speed of light in air is nearly the same as its speed in a vacuum and for practical purposes they are regarded as being identical - the experimentally measured value being 299,792 kilometres per second.
In other mediums, different wavelengths travel at slightly different velocities, the longer the wavelength, the faster the radiation travels. So in the case of visible light, red light travels faster than blue light in any particular transparent medium.

At the long-wavelength, low frequency end of the spectrum are radio waves, incorporating long wave, medium wave, short wave, VHF and UHF. These are followed by microwaves and infrared radiation. Then comes visible light and ultraviolet radiation, and the shortest wavelengths comprise X rays and gamma rays. Apart from light, all are invisible to the human eye, although many can be detected by electronic devices and special types of photographic film .

Waves of the electro-magnetic spectrum are measured by wavelength - in metres or angstroms, or frequency ( in Hertz).
Waves of 8Hz are abundant in nature and waves of 19Hz to 25Hz are acceptable for healthy cell resonance in humans. Any wave with a frequency above 33.6Hz is considered unhealthy for the human body, and in toxic amounts may lead to physical disorders such as arthritis and even cancer.

Our current power supply (electricity) has a frequency of 50Hz. Therefore extended or long term exposure to any electrical item such as computers, TV, clock radio etc are harmful to human health. As well as man made power such as electricity there also exists naturally occurring harmful waves such as the Hartmann waves - 34Hz and the Curry Grid waves - 55Hz.

The Hartmann waves come to us from above the earths surface and the Curry grid is from below ground.

The Hartmann Grid - cosmic energy from above

line width varies from 15cm to 60cm at full moon and prior to earthquake and volcanic activity.
every line alternates positive and negative with a polarity switch every six hours parallel to the tides.
distance between the lines is 2m plus.
orientation is magnetic north with a change of 1 degree every 30 years
there is a yearly shift of approximately 1 metre along the NW-SE line between summer and winter solstice.

Effects of over exposure can include stress, depletion of vitality and immune system, lack of purpose and/or progress which may result in relationship problems and job problems as well as general clutter.

Curry Grid - nested in the earth

 line width no less than 80cm
 line distance is approximately 4.25m
 orientation is 40 degrees NE in Adelaide
 lines do not move ie they are stationary
 frequency is 55Hz which can agitate human cells
 ants, bees and wasps are attracted to curry lines

It is unhealthy to sleep on a curry line. A double positive site can cause aggravation and be carcinogenic. A double negative site can cause inflammation and arthritis. If trees are planted over double positive sites they may be hollowed out by termites or have a bee or wasp nest.

Schumann waves - above the Earth

 low intensity - 7.84Hz
 occur between the ionosphere and the Earths surface
 part of Qi (chi)

Author's Bio: 

Christine is a qualified horticulturist and Earth Energies practitioner.
She has a keen interest in the relationship between 'unseen' energy fields, plant health and human health.