Selecting A Pumping Device

A pumping device is one that is used widely in and around Hungary to move liquids and gases for a variety of purposes. If you happen to visit a leading device supplier such as a Grundfos pumps dealer in Hungary, you would be able to see the wide range of pumping devices which are available in the market. Each of them come with unique specifications, built to cater to different industrial or household purposes. When trying to purchase a pumping device, the first thing you need to be clear of is the application. Once this is determined, each type would require specific criteria to determine what exact model from the range would be suitable for your need.

Basic Classification Of Pump Types

Vacuum type

These type of pumps function by venting gas from a sealed enclosure to create a vacuum area. Using this pressure difference pumping then occurs through mechanisms such as positive displacement, momentum transfer and entrapment. Main uses of this type is in the electronic device manufacturing process or any other industry requiring vacuum areas. They can vary in capacity by being able to create high to low vacuum areas.

Water pump type

If you walk into a showroom of Grundfos pumps dealer in Hungary, you would be able to see a wide range of this type of pumping device which would also be given much prominence. This is because this type is the most widely used with application areas spanning from households, vehicle, and industries. Among the most common water pumping devices, well water types can be used to draw water upwards to the location of use. There are also pressure tank devices which are used to control water flow to different locations.

Sump pumping devices

There is also a requirement in most parts of Hungary to remove water which collects in water collections basins called sumps. They are most useful in low lying areas which are prone to flooding. The first type of this category is the pedestal type which has its motor mounted above the sump. Maintenance in this type is easier but it requires space outside. The other type of pump is the submersible type. This device needs to be mounted in the water and the motor is housed in a sealed compartment to prevent electric shock. It is recommended to have a back-up battery in case of power failure so that it functions even during a power failure.

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Jerome Julian writes about Grundfos pumps and other water pumps, based on his research about pumps in Hungary.