Introducing The Seek Social Facebook Live Stream!
It may have been a bit rough around the edges presentation-wise, and started with the stereotypical ‘is this thing on?’ moment, but last week saw us join the ranks of internet streamers, thanks to the first ever Seek Social Facebook Live stream! No Fortnite or Minecraft for us though… Just the latest in social media trends and digital marketing news, for your delight and delectation!

Why do a Facebook Live Stream?
The Seek Social team want to be a repository of advice for small businesses. We want to pass on the things that we’ve learned over our many years in the industry. However, in the world of digital marketing, the learning never stops. That’s where the Seek Social Facebook Live stream comes in. We’re volunteering to keep our finger on the industry’s fast-moving pulse, and bring you SME owners out there a weekly recap of the latest digital marketing news, the social media trends to be aware of, and changes in thinking that may lead to long-term changes in advice for small businesses.

What Can You Expect?
We’ll freely admit that right now, the exact format is a bit of a work-in-progress. However, we want to infuse everything with that ‘informal but informative’ style you’ll find in our blog posts (where we also offer advice for small businesses), or in the office if you decide to visit us. The Facebook live stream format also makes things easy for you guys as our audience. Once you’ve accessed the broadcast you can just leave it on in the background and crack on with your day. Paula will bring you all of the information and stories you need to know in the background. And since we mentioned the office… Yes, the Seek Social Facebook Live stream does come to you live and direct from Seek Social HQ. Paula’s updates on digital marketing news and social media trends come from the very same desk she works at!

Looking ahead a little bit…
So, that’s how things are at the moment. We already have big dreams for the Seek Social Facebook Live stream though, once we get the hang of this whole ‘broadcasting’ thing. For example, as well as a regular update on the week’s digital marketing news and new social media trends, we’re looking to add special guests into the mix to offer their take on all things digital marketing, and offer their own advice for small businesses… There might even be a few guest spots from the rest of the Seek Social team, and / or an archive of previous episodes somewhere. You never know…

Your Two Cents…
However, it’s important to us that the Seek Social Facebook Live stream does one key thing… Provide you guys with the kind of material that you want to see, with all the latest social media trends, digital marketing news and advice for small businesses you need, all wrapped up in a package that you want to watch. We’re always on the lookout for feedback and suggestions. So, please – take a look at our first effort, and let us know if anything comes to mind! Likewise, if you’re interested in a guest spot on the Seek Social Facebook Live stream, or you have a question that you’d like answered live on air – get in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by getting in touch with the office directly!

“Sounds Great! Where and When Can I Catch the Seek Social Facebook Live Stream?”
Good question! You can catch up with the first edition via our Facebook page now (look for posts from July 17th). However, to get your weekly fix of digital marketing news, get up to date with social media trends, and get some great advice for small businesses thrown into the bargain – join Paula LIVE on our Facebook page, at 12pm UK time every Wednesday!

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We started this company as a husband and wife team jumping from corporate employees to business owners. We worked with big organisations for years and decided to use our experiences, industry knowledge, and networks to help smaller businesses succeed.