According to the reports by the Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center, it has been stated that the more men grow in age, the higher the risks there are of hair loss. By 35 years of age, around 40% of men struggle with hair loss- and the older they get, the higher the rate goes.

In order to strike back against the unavoidable curse of hair loss, many organizations are pouring in relentless efforts into research to find the solution for this dilemma- and luckily, one such miracle has finally appeared.

Created after 25 years of thorough research and clinical practices by the esteemed team behind Dr. Nettles Research Center in 2005, "Stop and Regrow Hair" was finally brought to light- a precision hair growth treatment with the help of a specially made formula. The innovative formula consists of a combination of FDA approved active ingredients, like Latanoprost, alongside specific micronutrients such as Methionine and Lysine that patch up irregular genetic enzyme defects allowing rebalanced conditions for healthier hair growth.

How Was It Made?

Dr. Nettles, the brains behind "Stop and Regrow Hair," observed how transplants were not making any significant developments in hair loss treatment. That's when he diverted his attention towards a more non-surgical procedure that would help serve as a more PRECISE solution for people suffering from hair loss.

Within his 25 year research time frame, Dr. Nettles key discovery centered around the finding of optimal ranges of various subtypes of testosterone, now termed good and bad testosterone, similar to the HDL and LDL variants of cholesterol, now so commonly known. Once the underlying biochemical cause was FULLY understood, Dr. Nettles’ team then turned to PRECISION medicine to perfect the formula and was able to STOP hair loss and invigorate thicker hair to REGROW.

How is "Stop and Regrow Hair" Different from the Rest?

One of the things that set apart "Stop and Regrow Hair" from other attempts to diminish hair loss strategies was that this treatment caters to every individual's different needs out there.

The treatment involves using the client's Biochemical Report Card (BRC), which comprises genetics, nutrition, and the specific person's molecular hormonal levels. This is used to develop a prescription of enzyme supplements that contain active ingredients approved by the FDA.

Another thing that makes it so unique is that it the only precision medicine program that uses D.N.A to regulate the balance within every individual's biochemistry and encourage hair growth.

How Does It Work?

The information of one's blood work is analyzed through BRC that use x-ray energy in order to evaluate the tiny molecules, such as enzymes and hormones, which are responsible for handling the performance of hair cell DNA, which functions like an "antenna" waiting to react to the changes in its environment.

After the chemical imbalances have been determined, a supplement is created via FDA approved active ingredients and other natural cofactors to correct the deficiency. These supplements then allow the DNA of hair to perform at its best potential, which stops hair loss while also stimulating thick hair growth.

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