Advertising and marketing are twins; two robust pillars standing tall to support the same objective – get the sales going and the cash flowing in. My perception translates in to advertising being the thoughts & ideas that go into the development of a plan and marketing is the strategic execution & implementation of those same ideas. Therefore, in order for these ideas to be a success, they must be delivered & transmitted to the consumer in the manner that they prefer i.e. the way they want to see things, the way they want to feel them, hear them etc.
Getting the Hang of Advertising Copy Model in Detail…

Glancing through these instructions for writing an effective advertising copy can help any hopeful writer save time and effort. Remember, your main objective for inking an advertising copy in the first place is to get the customer to act; to buy from you. You are a salesperson in pursuit of customers to convince. Remember, there is no one universal law that dictates the success of an advertising copy. Various experts and professionals from the advertising realm have their own opinions and approaches. However, these 8 tips for writing an effective advertising copy bring together the common elements of successful advertising copies, are easy to comprehend and implement when given due attention.

First and foremost is the determination of what is it that you’re working to sell. Remember, it’s not the product that consumers buy; it’s the set of benefits and advantages that are associated with the product. For example, BMW doesn’t sell luxury sedans; it sells status symbols, comfort and safety all in one package. So start off by determining the stance you will be adopting with reference to your product and/or service.
The next, and obvious, step is to get your word choice right because it’s not just “what you say”; it’s also “how you say it”. Your tonality, attitude and energy will be relayed through the words you select for the advertising copy.
Incorporate easy words and short length sentences. Experts cite the ideal average sentence length to be between 17-20 words; longer sentences tend to leave the customer behind and lost. Don’t bother selecting ideas that you can’t reduce to lesser phrases yourself.
To remove a common misconception; writers are not born only; they can be made as well. Anyone who can take his or her ideas, translate them into the common man’s lingo and have it come across as persuasive has nailed the point.
Honesty is the best policy. Yes sir, we’ve heard that as kids and now it’s time to see it in action through advertising copy. Customers are not dumb and they definitely don’t want to be perceived so either; no free rides here. Either you come out clean with an honest tender backed by rational terms or risk losing credibility in front of the consumer; the choice is yours. Don’t exaggerate or blow up facts; present them as they are in refined language.
“Speak” to the customer through your word arrangement & choice. Ensure you come across as if talking directly to the customer. Being passive & using the third person doesn’t work too well in advertising copies; be active, bring the first person into play and utilize action verbs. Additionally, add inflection & diversity in your sentences; don’t be monotonous and lifeless.
Be a leader. Once you’ve got the customer’s attention & interest, the next obvious is to guide them on how they can make use of the presented opportunity; do they need to call a number? Visit a website? Return something in the mail?
Lastly, once you’re done with the writing bit, take time out to read the piece multiple times. Once doesn’t do the trick; review it 2-3 times. You’ll be surprised to see how easily mistakes can escape your eyes in the first go.

These aren’t just 8 tips for writing an effective advertising copy. This is a complete generic model of a guide for writing an effective advertising copy; go through it attentively.

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