Over the course of my career as an etiquette and image coach, I have had the privilege of working with some very high profile and influential people. But nothing gives me more joy than to find ways to give back and teach our young people using the same skills and techniques.

You are never too young to practice etiquette. If you are a parent, a teacher, friend, relative of a young person or even a student looking for ways to prepare for working/living in the “real” world, knowing proper etiquette can open doors-even at any age.

Young people, especially in this present generation, who are willing to learn the rules of etiquette as it relates to how they conduct themselves in school, on the job and on the internet, can guarantee that they will stand out from the crowd.

Benefits may include: landing your dream job, being accepted into a great school, etc. The more you put into practice on a daily basis, the more these tips/strategies will become a way of life for you.

Here are some etiquette tips that I wanted to share specifically for today’s youth when it comes to interviewing.

Job Interview Etiquette

It does not matter if you are applying for a job at your local fast food restaurant or an internship at an elite fashion magazine; always put your best self forward. Here are some ways to beat the competition:

Make sure you show up for your interview dressed in an appropriate manner. Do some research to see what the dress code for the job you are looking to land. A suit may not be necessary, but make sure your outfit is clean and nicely pressed. Your shoes should also be clean and in good condition.

Arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment. It will give you time to fill out any extra paperwork. Also, go to the bathroom at check yourself out in the mirror.

Turn off your cell phone. Texting or reading emails while you are waiting is a distraction and may give off the wrong impression.

During the Interview.

Do not chew gum during your interview. Sometimes people chew gum to calm their nerves but it is consider rude and annoying.

Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile.

Sit up straight, place your hands in your lap and look the person in the eye when speaking or spoken to.

Answer each question clearly and in a voice that is audible. It is ok to briefly pause before you answering a question. Eliminate the “"uhs", "you knows", and slang.

After the Interview

Shake each interviewer's hand and thank each interviewer by name.
Send a thank you note after the interview as soon as possible.

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