Astrology is a divine science that investigates the movements of planets and how they influence the life of an individual. Known as the science of light, it enlightens the soul by overcoming the darkness of the universe and spreading the light of knowledge. The astrologer tries to build a bridge between the universe and the person in order to foresee the events that are to unfold in the future.

The forces of the universe have a lasting impact on a person. There are negative as well as positive energies emanated by the celestial bodies that affect every individual in some manner. There are many expert astrologers in Delhi who can explain you this beatific phenomenon with their excellent subject knowledge. You can connect to them via

At Astroyogi, we have numerous ways of interpreting your life history and future events. You can choose from a variety of methods such as tarot reading, astrology, horoscopes, numerology, palmistry and so on. First of all, you must go through the profile of the astrologer, see his/her area of expertise and call him/her anytime from the comfort of your home or office.

By anticipating the events of the future, we may prepare ourselves for it and remain alert in order to avoid any mishap. It is true that nobody can escape their fate because it is not in our hands to rule over our destiny. But equally true is that we have immense control over our karma and we can definitely shape our fate by trusting our abilities and doing our duties. Astrology is a spiritual science that guides us through this path and helps us attain enlightenment through the mystical secrets embedded in its core.

Apart from astrology, there are other sciences as well that can help us predict our future and be prepared for it. These come under the section of the occult. The occult sciences are said to be pseudosciences that have no scientific proof and therefore not acceptable in the scientific world of logic and formulas. Some of these occult sciences are:

Palmistry refers to the reading of one’s palm by observing the color, shape, and size of the palm as well as the fingers. The crisscrossing lines of the palm are studied to retrieve information on the aspects of health, career, financial prosperity and so on.

Tarot Cards Reading
As the name suggests, it is a process in which a pack of special cards known as the tarot cards are read to interpret the events of one’s past, present, and future. 78 cards are used for the purpose of tarot reading. These cards fall under two different categories, namely, Minor Arcana that consists of 56 cards that tell about one’s daily life and Major Arcana that comprises the 22 cards used for prognosticating the future. You may reach out to the famous and genuine tarot card readers in Delhi at

Vastu Shastra
The Indian traditional system of architecture, Vastu Shastra refers to the importance of the layout, direction and spatial arrangement of an object. This science lays down the essential rules that are to be used in the construction of a building, a house, a shop or a workspace that would bring wealth and prosperity. To contact a Vastu consultant in Delhi, you may download our app or visit us at The layouts of a new home and the direction faced by the bedroom or the placement of an object in the living room can actually bring opulence in one’s life and therefore, must never be ignored.

Numerology is a divinatory art that says that there is a strong connection between a number and the life of an individual. Every person has a unique number that can be calculated as per their date of birth which is considered to be their lucky number. (Consult a numerologist in India via to discover your lucky number)
This number helps you uncover the truth about your potential and your inner self through which you may effectively develop your personality.

Astrology, along with these occult sciences, deciphers the signs of the universe and explains its impact on the well-being of an individual and his/her future. is the one-stop where you will find the best astrologers, numerologists, Vastu consultants, and tarot card readers in India. It is extremely important to understand the minute details of the person in order to make accurate predictions and therefore, you must consult an expert who can help in your overall development.

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