How the traditional commercial media treats Internet Talk

Radio?- the answer lies in our review of the "The Master

Gardener Hour" with Kate Copsey on 1620AM radio in

Sandy Springs, GA. The bottom line is "not well". The

stations web-site needs a lot of improvement to help radio

show hosts like Kate Copsey to be able to monitize her

content. It isn't their focus or expertise. Traditional media

has stopped focusing on content a long time ago. Their

focus is revenue which translates into commercials, the

more they can cram into a show or on their web-site the

better and they don't have to relate to the theme of your

show either. Well, that's my rant for traditional media for

the day.

Kate and I had an opportunity to speak about my review

and my recommendations: the summary of the important

stuff that we have covered on our call, which she has so

appropriately called a new mind set for radio show hosts:

The three things Internet Talk Radio show hosts must

keep an eye at all times including Commercial radio when

dealing with their existing and potential listeners with a

pre-existing interests (your niche)?

1. Create Content

- Audio (this you already have in form of a .mp3 file at your

- Blog
- Video

2. Have a delivery distribution network in place and

expand it all the time:

- Syndication (we have this at Real Coaching Radio

- Podcasting (you can implement immediately with your

existing shows)
- Social Networks (start with big three YouTube, Myspace,

- Joining and interacting in groups of your niche within

the social networks above

3. Automate-Leverage (we do this very well at Real

Coaching Radio Network)
Leverage and monetize your radio show (we teach you

how to do this at Real Coaching Radio Network)

By creating incredible value not just providing

information for your listeners the money will come. Real

Coaching Radio Network is launching a new product to

assist radio show hosts, coaches, professionals and

small business owners: “How to Successfully Launch a

New Radio Show, or Any Other Product or Service.”

Through the never-fail recipe of “showing up and

continually improving” the new launch will be available

for a limited time. It offers a great value and creates


Registration deadline for the Launch is January 09, 2010,

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Next we have introduced a new segment called "Internet

Radio News" covering what is happening in the industry.

Followed by Our "New Radio Show Product Launch

Issue 2" -what you need to do to have success on the


1. Find a niche-I know this is already accomplished-it is

your coaching business or the business you are

currently in.

2. Find out what your potential customers are buying.-I

know this is a mystery for most coaches and business

owners when it comes to the Internet

3. Sell it to them-I know this is something most coaches

and business owners do not know how to do effectively

or resist doing it to the hilt

I have also shared an example of a challenge we have

encountered with our e-mail marketing partner

MailChimp, why they shut us down and how we got our

account re-activated.

Author's Bio: 

Coach Steve Toth has more then twenty years experience in; life coaching, leadership development, management consulting, professional coaching and culture change. He has worked with hundreds of executives entrepreneurs and professionals as a personal-executive coach. He studied at the Management Consulting Institute, Context Training, Landmark Education, PAIRS Foundation, Transformational Breath Institute, and Naropa University.

In 2003 he founded Real Coaching Institute to provide coaching programs and consulting services
that dramatically enhance individual and team performance in the areas of Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication
and Life Balance Management Skills.

In 2007 he founded Real Coaching Radio Network. He is the executive producer and with his team produces over a dozen radio shows weekly.

In 2009 he created a Joint Venture with My Rx for Living and later became a partner in On-line Interactive Coaching Community and Membership Site. It is a place for motivated, success driven people to focus on improving their lives together; creating financial independence, better relationships, greater ability to communicate
, spiritual awareness and improved health and well being. Coaching content in the form of live RCRN radio-TV shows, videos, blogs and lessons are offered on a daily, weekly, monthly basis by Coaches and Course Leaders.