For some time now online businesses have looked upon Social Media as a kind of 'Mickey Mouse' phenomena. For some unknown reason we had thought that Facebook and Twitter was only for a certain section of people who wanted to relate socially and you certainly wouldn't want to mix up your social life with business. However, of late many traditionalists have concluded that the usual way of attracting customers on the web is not enough, there has been a sudden understanding that Social Media is a tremendously powerful Internet Marketing Tool.

They have noticed their friends using iphones to share YouTube videos or even their parents online with Facebook and for the first time businesses are realising they need to be where their customers are. In the old days a business would send a rep around once a month to oversee their accounts, now we can relate to our customers 24/7 which gives us the ability to make our name bigger on the World Wide Web.

Now what really begins to happen when we start to use Social Media, is that we drive traffic to our websites, well to start with you can manage your reputation, allowing your customers to know exactly what kind of person you are - added to that you can build a customer community with everyone inter-relating and you find that the customer grouping takes on an identity of itself; in other words not only just relating together on a business level but socially. You actually become real friends in business.

If your customers use Social Media you should be alongside them in it and you will be surprised how much more direct pre-qualified prospects you begin to generate for your Internet Marketing Business.

When you think about your product or service, it now pays to think about how you describe it in 140 characters, that is, of course, the length of a Twitter message. A Google ad can have a maximum of 130 characters including the characters allocated to the url and most press release sites limit you to around 100 characters in your headline, though some accept as many as 200 characters.

Creating your key marketing messages to be something you can deliver in about 140 characters, will enable you to promote a message the Internet will find easy to understand and carry and best of all if your marketing message effectively identifies it's target market as well as it's key value, examples might be Mothercare - Mother's Choice For Her Baby (41 characters) or Microsoft - Windows on the World (32 characters)

Remember, the message you send has to be very effective and tightly targeted.

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