Internet Marketing is a pretty broad term that surrounds a range of Marketing strategies including Content, Email, Paid Media search and many more. It is a process of promoting a business or brand, products, and services over the internet
using various internet marketing tools that help to increase the traffic on your website, leads, and sales.

Here are some examples of Internet Marketing

Social Media

It is the most common way to market online and aware of the targeted audience about the products and services you are providing. Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter, Wikipedia. LinkedIn, etc make it easy to display while interacting with customers. It refers to the technique that targets social network to spread awareness about brands or products and services.

Search Engine Optimization

It is a process of optimizing a website along with the content of the website, so that it will appear in the foremost position in the organic result of searches. It is a combination of technical and Marketing. SEO requires an understanding of how a search engine works, for what people search for and how and why people search.


Email-Marketing is basically sending emails with promotions and newsletters to increase conversion rates. A better e-mail marketing definition would be it away to use email to develop a relationship between the Organization and a client.


A blog is basically a website in which items are posted on regular basis and are displayed in reverse order i.e. the most recent post is displayed at the top of the web page at the older ones at the bottom of the page.

Website Design

It is an important tool in internet marketing the design, visibility, usability, and attractiveness of a website helps to attract users to the website. A website that is
beautiful and also easy to use can be the thing that the user wants to stick to the website wondering what the sight is all about.

PPC ( pay per click )

PPC ( Pay per click ) advertising is a technique that allows companies to directly advertise in front of a targeted audience using advertisements. It can be quickly
launched and also shows the result within the minimum time or within a few hours.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is important to SEO, social media marketing and email marketing. It refers to the marketing approach of creating a highly consistent, valuable and relevant content so that the targeted audience get attracted to it.


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